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Found 3 results

  1. So I'm envisaging a scenario in which a hero has to hold up something heavy; a bridge, building, cave roof. Now normally a character has to pay END for each phase in which they use their STR. But the rules also allow for a character to lower their SPD. Thus the character can lower their SPD to 1 and only pay END costs once per turn to hold up the object. This strikes me as silly. Surely the bridge, et.al. is applying pressure downward every segment. Shouldn't the hero have to apply their STR every segment to resist the weight? I realise that the hero will probably run out of END, and then STUN, and then pass out very quickly. But it just strikes me as the best dramatic option. How do other folks handle this?
  2. Speed 4 goes on phases 3,6,9,12. Are there any cool house rule alternatives to break up Turn / Speed predictability? Like maybe roll a d12 and add your speed, on a 12 or higher you get to act in that segment. If you fail, you get to add your 2x your speed on the subsequent segment d12 roll. Roll d12+spd * Roll 12+ You get to act * Roll 12- On the next segment your roll d12+ 2 x Spd and try and get 12+ I'd like to think this could show personal hesitation in combat. A 'high' speed character shows someone who can handle the intensity of combat and take action vs hesitating with only abort OMG Dodge options. Thanks!
  3. Werethunder

    Initiative Tracker

    Version 1.1


    This sheet will help in organizing the order flow of a combat. It tracks characters phases even is galactic superheroic campaigns, in which the value of SPD may go well above 12.