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Found 7 results

  1. Get off that pine pony, it's the Back Benchers Unite Superdraft! I know how Superdrafts work. What makes this any different? Here, we'll be drafting comic book heroes. The trick is, I have here a list of 100 banned heroes. You can't draft any of them. This was a list of Superheroes by comic book appearances, making it a rough list of who is most popular. (it looks like Marvel heroes, and X-Men in particular, are overrepresented, but I didn't make the list and I'm too lazy to make my own.) Thus, this is a draft for the less popular and well known heroes; the back-benchers, if you will. https://www.ranker.com/list/superheroes-ranked-by-most-comic-book-appearances/ranker-comics Alphabetized here: UPDATE: We'll use the Comicvine.gamespot.com data. No characters with more than 1000 appearances. Can I draft a banned character for a villain? Nope. When? May 1, Noon Eastern Daylight Savings (not standard) What's the billet? Location: Hero: Hero: Hero: Hero: Hero: Hero: Option: Option: Option: Villain: What happened: Uh, what's that last thing? Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where are all the top list supers? Dunno. plug in one paragraph saying where they are and why. When I put up the poll, I'll put up one for rosters and one for "What Happened". Roster: https://docs.google.com/document/d/186gkfAun4e-sBeSRhmle8xbomqYM0SEW6QmNQcrpdfc/
  2. I'll start the conversation, since nobody else has. How much interest is there in doing one or more Superdrafts in 2018? I have an idea that I could implement for February. It would start on the first Monday, run for two weeks, and include a twist that (as far as I know) has never been included in a Superdraft yet. I'll start putting things together if there's interest. We can also talk about what we might want to do in subsequent months. Who would be willing to run a draft, who would want to participate, when people would be able to do it, all that kind of thing. Feedback?
  3. Shipping: The fine art (and ubiquitous internet hobby) of taking two notably different fictional characters and making them a couple. Here’s your opportunity to do the same, for fun and votes. The Premise: You have been placed in charge of creating a new romantic comedy--TV series, movie, whatever. Copyright law has been suspended (since the same two or three corporations own all the world’s fictional characters anyway), so you are free to choose whatever characters you would like for your show. The Twist: To keep it interesting for your potential viewers, you may use existing characters from any genre except romantic comedy. Science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, pirate movies, period pieces, horror, animation, whatever. Go nuts. But we don’t need (or want!) to see Ross and Rachel 2.0. You’ve probably all seen the video from the Black Widow thread. This is something like the feel we’re looking for. Or, imagine that John Crighton and Aeryn Sun have finally retired from fighting and settled down on a nice, peaceful planet somewhere...only to discover that their new neighbors are Wash and Zoe. Hilarity ensues. You get the idea. The Tone: Light-hearted and playful. Humorous. Have a ball with it. Imagine serious characters in silly situations. Plant your tongue firmly in cheek. Make it fun. Add some romance. This isn’t about saving the world; it’s about escapism and guilty pleasures. Laugh it up, fuzzball. Draft Details: The draft will begin on Monday, February 5th at 5:00 p.m. EST (which should be 10:00 p.m. in London and 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in Darwin). Picks will be made each day at that time; there will be 10 draft picks total. This places the final pick on Valentine’s Day. (Awwww.) The usual rules about different versions of a character apply: Selecting one version of a character removes all other versions of the character from consideration. Once the original Ant-Man is selected, all other versions of Henry Pym (Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, etc.) are off the table. Ant Man Scott Lang could still be selected, though. Draft the man (or woman), not the mask. Picks for this draft will consist of the following: Location: This could be literally anywhere, any time period. Location picks are exclusive, although different versions of the same location (Marvel New York City vs. “West Side Story” New York City) are fine. This must be the first pick. Alpha Couple (2 picks): These are the main protagonists. Think Robert & Helen Parr, Rick O’Connell & Evie Carnahan, John Sheridan & Delenn. They need not be a couple in canon! Want to pair up Lockjaw & Yankee Poodle, or Marty McFly & River Song? That’s what we’re here for. Use two days to pick these characters. Beta Couple (2 picks): This is the Barney & Betty to Fred & Wilma, the Fred & Ethel to Lucy & Ricky. Again, they need not be a couple in canon. Use two additional days to pick these characters. Wacky Neighbors (1-3 picks): These are the other colorful characters in your neighborhood: the friendly beat cop, the Latina lady who runs the local laundry, the quiet kid who’s secretly a superhero, the irritable guy at the coffee shop, the arms dealer next door, or whatever. These are the characters the Alpha and Beta couples will interact with most. Choose at least one. Any picks not used on Wacky Neighbors will be shifted to Options. Options (2-4 picks): Use these for pretty much anything else you can think of for your story. Additional characters or locations, MacGuffins, theme music, whatever. These picks are exclusive, unless there’s a good reason for them not to be. Title: You don't need to use a pick for this, and you can announce your title at any time. Again, you will end up with a total of up to 10 picks. The first pick is the Location; all other picks may be chosen in any order. All right, who’s interested?
  4. All Glory to V'han for inspiring such amazing, inventive, and oft times outright bizarre musings. Please vote for your top three favorites and no more. A few didn't have titles (More my fault than anyone else's as I asked so late so they'll be listed on the poll by location). A few didn't make it because they never got the card option pick (Sorry, I know RL happens) Your final round picks are: Title: DCEU & Arrowverse crossover. Location: Earth, DC Extended Universe (DCEU) Protagonist 1: Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, DCEU The Dragon: Superman (DCEU) General: Batman, DCEU. Option: The Spear of Destiny. Protagonist 2: Oliver Queen Green Arrow (Arrowverse) Protagonist 3: Barry Allen the Flash, Arrowverse Protagonist #5 Supergirl, Arrowverse. Card Pick: Hearts (Diana and Sara have a romantic fling. And Diana and Kara have one also.) Option: 2nd Card Pick- Clubs Batman betrays V'han Option 3: Superman has a Mother Box Title: Die Earth, Die! Location: Marvel Heroes earth. Mainstream Comics 616 General: Thanos Protagonist 1: Iron Man. (Tony Stark) Protagonist 2 : The Hulk (Bruce Banner) Protagonist 3: Spiderman (Peter Parker) Protagonist 4: is the Scarlet Witch Protagonist 5: the Vision (Married to the SW) Dragon: Smaug (Yeah, THAT Dragon) Card Pick: Hearts (Love is in the air) Nebula is working for Thanos and falls head over heels in love with Iron Man. Option 1: Parademons (Under Thanos' command) Option 2: Adam Warlock is going to be there to fight him.. Option 3: SHIELD Agents Title: Invasion Alert, Terra! Location: Perry Rhodan's Earth circa 1985 just after the 1st cycle The Dragon: Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith (immediately post Star Wars Ep. 4 A New Hope) The General: General Erich Domel, Lt. Gen. Greater Garmillas Empire (Space Battleship Yamato 2199) Option: 100 trained Sith (Star Wars: The Old Republic) Protagonist: Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek original series) Protagonist: Colonel Wilma Deering, Earth Defense Directorate (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century) Protagonist: Lieutenant Susumu Kodai, United Nations Cosmo Navy (Space Battleship Yamato 2199) Protagonist: Admiral Lady Dame Honor Harrington, Duchess Harrington, Royal Manticoran Navy (David Weber's Honorverse) Option: The Mutant Corps (Perry Rhodan series) Option: Power Bracers II (Gadgets and Gear page 144-145) Card Pick: Diamonds, Theme Music: The Avengers Protagonist: Protagonist: Major Donald West, USAF (Lost in Space) Title: Metroville Location: Rifts Earth Protagonist 1: Dan Hayata and his heroic counterpart Ultraman General: Rasputin (ala Hellboy) Protagonist 2: Saitama aka One punch man. Protagonist 3: Kent Nelson Dr. Fate. Option: the Coalition States Army Protagonist 4: Blossom (From the Powerpuff girls) Protagonist 5: Dexter from Dexter's Lab Option: Starfox Metroville Option: The Cloverfield Monster Card Pick: Diamonds Option: a Giant Robot Title: Shades of Reality Location: the Earth of "They Live" The Dragon: T-1000 General: Loki (MCU Movie Version) Protagonist #1: Dr. Saito (Inception) Option: Holodeck Tech Protagonist #2: Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) Protagonist #3: Neo (The Matrix) Protagonist #4: Douglas Quaid (Total Recall) Card Pick: Clubs! Betrayal Protagonist #5: Dolores Abernathy (Westworld) Protagonist #6: Rachael (Blade Runner) Option: The Sunglasses (From They Live) TItle: That's All, Folks! Location: Earth 26 aka Zoo Crew's Earth General Cruella DeVille Dragon: Bobby Coswell, the Thunder Bunny Protagonist 1: Roger Rodney Rabbit & aka Captain Carrot Protagonist 2: Peter Porkchops, Aka Pig Iron Protagonist 3: Felina Furr aka Ally Kat Abra Protagonist 4: Timothy Joseph Terrapin, aka FASTBACK Protagonist 5: Byrd Rentals, AKA Rubberduck Option: Co-Dragon: Wonder Wabbit Option: Rova Barkitt aka Yankee Poodle Card Pick: Hearts (Wuv) Option: Underdog Title: "To Redeem a Damned World". Location: Backworld, as detailed in Champions in 3-D (4th Edition) General: Steve Rogers, Agent of Hydra The Dragon: Mary Marvel (Evil black skirt version) Protagonist: Victor Von Doom Protagonist: Black Adam (known as White Adam in Backworld) Protagonist: Bellatrix Lestrange Protagonist: Magneto Protagonist: Mechanon Option (Protagonist): Lady Shiva Card Pick: Spades Option (Second Dragon): Galatea, Justice League Unlimited Option (Ally): Golden Avenger and P.R.I.M.U.S. Title: "Waiting for Dave the Piper" Location: Earth, of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Underground Comix series. The Dragon: Mighty Mouse Protagonist 1: Fat Freddy's Cat. General: The Brain Second Protagonist: Fritz the Cat Protagonist 3: the Cheshire Cat, from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Protagonist #4: Krosp, Emperor of Cats Protagonist #5: The Cat, from Red Dwarf Option 1: Theme "music". The eponymous debut album of Cheech & Chong. Card Pick: Spades-Fritz is handed over Option 2: Rat Fink, announced as Commander East Cattitude Occupation Forces during the early phases of the invasion. The cats panicked when they realized that "rat fink" is just an earlier version of "narc". Option 3: Savior of that degenerate segment of Earth: legendary figure, the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Title: YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED Location: The Earth From the 5th Element Dragon: THE BORG General: Ultron (616?) Option: adamantium Option: The Reavers (Firefly) Protagonist 1: Leeloo, the Fifth Element. protagonist 2: Magneto (From Days of Future Past movie) protagonist #3: The Terminator Card Pick: Spade (Sacrifice) , Magneto is making the ultimate sacrifice, giving the last moments of his life to pull the remaining adamantium out of the Borg. Protagonist #4:. Optimus Prime Protagonist #5: Brainiac (Unttitled #1) Location: Toho/Tsuburaya Monsterverse The Dragon: KING GHIDORAH! General : General Zod Protagonist #1: Ultraseven Protagonist #2: Sunfire Protagonist #3: Mr. Fantastic Protagonist #4: Charles Xavier Protagonist #5: Namor, the Sub-Mariner Option #1: The Mind Gem Option #2: The Atlantean Armed Forces... Card Pick: Diamonds (Untitled #2) Location: Earth 10 where the Nazis won WW2 The Dragon: Overman, aka Superman of Earth 10. Protagonist 1: Captain America from Earth 9997, aka Earth X. General: Captain Nazi Protagonist 2:, T'Challa, The Black Panther! Protagonist 3: Captain Britain Protagonist #4: Vindicator (Heather Hudson) Protagonist #5 : China's The Collective Man! Card Pick: Spade Option 1 is a new protagonist, Ireland's unofficial flagsuit Shamrock! Option 2 protagonist, Aquaman (Untitled #3) Location: the alternate Earth where both Bush and Gore lost the 2000 election to an unknown. Protagonist #1: Witchcraft of the Champions (5th Ed) Protagonist #2: Cantrip of the Motor City Defenders (5th) Protagonist #3: Solitaire of the Champions (4th) Protagonist #4: Raven of the Teen Titans Protagonist #5: Barbarella The General: Mad Mod The Dragon: Naraku Option #1: Mad Mod got his mitts on some water from the fabled Fountain of Youth and has been restored to his prime. Option #2: Mod and Naraku are keeping none other than Byron Swain prisoner in the basement of their headquarters. Mod it seems is collecting Swain's pheromones to put into the Lothario™ cologne his dummy corporation, Mojo Fragrances, has been marketing; both as a way of causing chaos, and as a way of putting money in their coffers. Card Pick: Clubs! Taking orders from V'han is one thing, but Naraku is chafing under the command of that dandy, Mad Mod. He's secretly plotting to backstab Mod and take command personally. Option #3: The Quantum Forge (Untitled #4) Location: Sailor Moon Earth The Dragon: Fuhrer King Bradley also known as the homunculus named Wrath General: The Major from Hellsing Ultimate Protagonist: Sosuke Aizen (Bleach) Protagonist: Trunks (Future version = DBZ) Protagonist: Starbuck (Original BSG, Dirk Benedict version) Protagonist #4: Kurapika Kurta from HunterxHunter. Last of the Kurta clan Option #1: Doomsday as the Empress's "Champion" Protagonist: Colonel Robert Hogan (Hogan's Heroes) Option: Aisha Clanclan from Outlaw Star Card Pick: Diamond- The Shikon Jewel (from Inuyasha) crossed through dimensions and is somewhere in this dimension's Earth. The Empress has discovered this information and this is the reason she has invaded. Protagonist 5: The undead priestess Kikyo, former guardian of the Shikon Jewel.
  5. All Your Earths are Belong to V'han! Istvatha V'han, Empress of a Billion Dimensions, has come for your reality! It's full on assault as a council of her best generals have told her now is the time and each strives to prove him or herself by delivering to her an Earth! And that Earth is.. dun dun dun! Yours! This will be a 12 pick Superdraft. Fun bit, because we are dealing with multi-dimensional spill over, the usual rule of 'once you make a pick all versions of them are off the table are gone' does NOT apply as it usually does. If someone gets typical Superman/Clark Kent, someone else may draft Red Son Superman! However, two things. This is still limited to two. Once there are say two of someone on the picked the rest of you have to pick someone else because darn it, we want some variety. Can you pick the same character twice for yourself? Yes. Yes you may. V'han tries not to send any special soldiers against their own alternate selves, but hey, snafus in assignment happen. And sometimes a hero teams up with his elseworld or what if self to protect a place, Just don't be surprised if someone snipes you. Oh, Istvatha herself is beyond drafting, peasants. Location- Pick your Earth. This must be an Earth but can be ANY Earth except the real one (or whatever you call this orb we're on). Not just a superhero one. It can be one of the DC universe Earths (they've got like at least 52 of them), the Marvel universes (Loads), or…oh wait, any Earth. It can be an Earth without superpowers even. Do you want the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer under attack? Fine. Do you want the Earth from the Walking Dead under attack? Fine. Do you want the Earth were it's still the Korean War and Hawkeye Pierce and BJ Hunnicut are trying to save lives in a MASH unit? Fine. We’re in a cross dimensional crisis here, folks from other worlds will end up in the rescue of Earths not their own. No more than 3 posters may share an Earth though. So, while three lucky folks might be going Make mine Marvel, someone else might be sighing as Batman defends Springfield where the Simpsons live etc. This must be your first pick. The General: This is your big bad, who will act as the head of V'han's vanguard in your setting. He, she, or it, can be anyone you want as long as they appeared in official fiction. It's up to you to find the balance you want. If you want Darth Vader serving V'han, then go for it. If you want Cobra Commander? Go for it. The General can be a badass, but they're mostly there for leadership and tactics (Whether they suck at that or not is your call). Good news, every General has under their command anywhere between thousands and millions of D Troopers! Loads of ships, and toys that would make any VIPER Agent giddy. Consider the grunts freebies. The Dragon: Remember when I said the General doesn't have to be a bad ass? Well, the Dragon has to be. The Dragon is under some modicum of control by the General (Probably because V'han assigned him,her, or it to serve) but can be as dedicated or wildly unpredictable once set to a task as you like. This is not a literal Dragon (Though you know, setting Smaug on Angel Grove could be cool), but a powerful combatant or threat. Sometimes the Dragon is a bodyguard of sorts for the General. It's like Black Tom may often call the shots in old X-Men comics, but to get to him you have to face the Juggernaut. Protagonists: I'd like to say heroes, but let's face it, when Invasions come in, even the scumballs can find their desire to resist rising. Temporary alliances are forged in the face of the outsider. Sooo… this is your chance to have Zorro agree to work with Ras Al Ghul, or the like. Unlike the setting which has to be an Earth, your protagonists can come from any fictional location be it Kyrpton, Equesteria, Westeroes, or whatever. They must come from PUBLISHED Fiction sources (So I could not, for example, draft Fish Guy or his crew yet) . You get five of them. See the notes above about duplicates. Options: Want some elite agents for V'han? Want more team members for the Protagonists? Would you like a Death Star? King Arthur's sword? an organization? That's what options are for. There are three of them. Yay. You may also pick another location off Earth as an option if you prefer to bring in another planet etc. The Honor System Card pick factor- This pick is not under your control (or shouldn't be), and it's not under my control either. You pick a single card from a typical deck, and depending on what suit you get, you must adjust your story. This only happens one and you're on the honor system. I mean, you could lie, but you're only cheating yourself blah blah and I think we're a pretty good bunch. You must have at least three protagonists, your General, and your dragon picked before you have your card draw day. If you draw … A Club Card- Curse your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal. One of your picks has changed sides! A defender of the Earth may try to sell it out to V'han. A V'hanian Dragon might turn on the General he /she serves! Maybe they take their own side and betray everyone? Gasp. A Diamond Card- Let he with the most toys, win! Congrats, you get your pick of one McGuffin from the following list: Power Ring with Battery, A kick ass vehicle, a magic sword, or theme music no one else can claim! A Heart Card- Love Conquers All! You get a free bonus pick to ship with one of your protagonists. Somewhere in this crazy multiverse one of your heroes has found the one for them, and vice versa! And through the power of love, Victory will surely be found! Spades- Nooooo… one of your protagonists must make the ultimate sacrifice and either dies, loses their powers/abilities, or gets married. Okay, just kidding on that last one. But you get the idea. That said, feel free to have it turn the tide in a beneficial way to reward their sacrifice if you wish. John Williams will play the tear jerking music as the others remember their comrades' sacrifice. (PS if you get the joker or something without a suit, just draw again) We START Wednesday , January 17th, Picks will be a noon US EST time. Any questions?
  6. Ye gawds, it's the World Creation SuperDraft! You are a god. We are building a new fantasy mythology from scratch. Working with all of the other gods, you are going to create a new world. The setting is completely blank. You will need to contribute your divine ideas to build the lands and populate them with a variety of life. Here's what you'll need in your divine portfolio. Domains of Influence. These are special realms of control and responsibility for which you are known and prayed to. You will have one primary domain and three secondary domains. Secondary domains can be a new area of influence or can recreate any of the other divine contributions (including Interference). Geography. You are the patron and builder of certain locales. It can be as broad as a continent or an ocean, or it can be as specific as a city. Sentient Life. Humans are not here by default. You can build entire races from scratch or offshoots of another race already created. (Example, God A creates centaurs. God B likes centaurs, too, so he builds an offshoot race, dark centaurs.) Gift to Civilization. Whomever the races may be, they are extremely primitive. As gods, you must guide them. Contribute skills or knowledge to the population. You can specify a particular people for your gift, which will make them the best at it, but it will spread to others. Flora or Fauna. Create one of the following, either a special plant or crop for the world OR a special animal or livestock for the world. You dictate use, danger, locality, power, etc. These can be real world things (roses, corn, horses, etc.) or mythic (walking trees, Audrey II, Godzilla, etc.) Interference. Bestow a Blessing or curse to an existing place or people. The gods were often family, working together. They were also competitive, and sometimes downright petty. This is your chance to enact your will upon a fellow gods' creation. Mythic Monster or Guardian. You have singular representation in the world, a special, magical creature, benevolent or deadly. This creature is unique, named, and intelligent. Round one will be your Primary Domain, but the rest can be selected in any order. This is a grand experiment. I will not be participating because I don't want to influence where the world goes. We will begin Thursday June 1, Noon Eastern.
  7. Remember that Justice League episode “The Savage Time”? You know, the one where Vandal Savage used a time machine to change history, take over Germany, and alter the course of World War Two in favor of the Axis Powers, and the Justice League had to go back in time and set things right? Well, now it’s happening again, and this time it’s up to you to select a group of heroes to save the world! The Premise: Several supervillains have found a way back in time to the days of the Second World War. As a result, the heroes of the present have awakened to a world where the Axis powers were triumphant and are now running the world, to its obvious detriment. The heroes know that something is wrong, but not how to fix it. Meanwhile, a small group of Golden Age heroes have figured out why the war turned suddenly in the bad guys’ favor and are determined to undo the damage. Working with a brilliant Allied scientist known only as Professor Freedom, and his lovely and capable lab assistant Sallie Strongheart, they believe they have found a way. Using the Professor’s Quantum Temporal Resonator, they hope to open a passage to the future to recruit heroes to come and join them. Once the damage to the past is fixed and the war is won, the Professor believes the timeline should reset itself, and all will be as it was before. So the Resonator has been activated, and heroes have been called to come back to win the War for the Allies! The Picks: Each player can make twelve (12) picks during the draft. Picks will be made no earlier than noon EDT Starting on Friday, September 1st. We will make picks every day, including weekends, until September 12th, or whenever everyone has made all the necessary picks. A poll will be posted on or around Monday, September 25th. The Location will be the first pick; all other picks may be made in any order. Here’s what you’ll be drafting: Location: This World War II location is where your heroes’ piece of the action will take place. The Location can be as broad as “The Pacific Theater” or as specific as “Berlin, April 30th, 1945”. In any case, this location is in the past. Locations are not exclusive. Locations will be chosen with the player’s first pick, as is traditional. Villain: The villain may be from either era: the War era (1939-1945) or the future (“future” compared to World War II, that is). Maybe the villain is someone from the 21st century going back to change the past for their own purposes, or maybe they’re a War era mastermind who sees the influx of new villains as a chance to remake the world to their own liking. Whatever. Either way, the villain is working for (or at least parallel to) the Axis. Villain picks are exclusive. Contemporary Heroes: Each player will choose six heroes to go back in time to help restore the timeline and make sure the good guys win. These must be professionally-published fictional characters. Hero picks (including the Golden Age Hero, see below) are exclusive. Golden Age Hero: This is a hero from the War era who will work with the Contemporary Heroes. Again, this must be a professionally-published fictional character. In addition, this must be a character who participated in the fighting during World War II--in other words, a character who was alive and active in-universe during the War, whether shown on-screen or not. For example, Captain America was obviously fighting Nazis during World War II (see above), but so was Indiana Jones (as revealed after the fact in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). Options: Each player may make up to three Option picks to fill in their story. These may be other heroes or villains, supporting cast, secondary locations, MacGuffins, or pretty much anything else. Option picks other than Locations are exclusive. General Rules for Draft Picks Draft the Man, Not the Mask: This is the same rule we’ve pretty much always used. For example, once Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) has been drafted, Binary (Carol Danvers) and Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) are off the table. Captain Marvel (Billy Batson), Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) would still be available. No Living People May Be Drafted: All Heroes and Villains must be professionally-published fictional characters. Real people who were important in the War (Winston Churchill, Erwin Rommel, J. Robert Oppenheimer, etc) may be selected with Option picks. Under no circumstances can people currently living in the real world be drafted. The Least That You Can Do: To be included in the poll, a player must draft at least a Location, a Villain, a Golden Age Hero, and three Contemporary heroes. Fiction Is Fun, But Optional: If you want to write some fiction to go with your draft, we’d all love to read it. But it’s not mandatory. Questions? Let me know. Otherwise, we’ll start it up next Friday. Now, who’s up for Kicking Some Axis? Edit: Link to Rosters here!