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Found 3 results

  1. LordQulex

    Balanced Starships

    There are two challenges I would like to overcome before running a StarHero campaign. The first is the constant wrestling match between the SciFi genre and Sir Isaac Newton. I like the realistic movement endurance rule and the realistic space acceleration rule, but I don't believe they combine logically enough for my taste. Sure, accelerating a big ship costs more endurance, but it still costs 15 points to buy 15m of flight. Combined with the maximum velocities per turn that the book suggests, there is no reason why a battleship wouldn't buy the same acceleration as a fighter. This makes interceptors unable to, well, intercept... I'm toying around with a few ideas to fix this, but maybe the community already has one? Right now my leading idea is to enforce an adder on the flight power somehow based on the vehicles size - that way flight costs more on bigger ships, and more endurance. This should artificially cause larger ships to accelerate slower than smaller ones. The reason I believe this works is due to the second rule I am toying around with: Upper limit of vehicle cost based on size. I was talking to a USAF friend of mine about how modern military vehicles are designed. I summation, the #1 restraint of a modern military vehicle is size. Sure, you can make a battleship go 50 knots, but half of its space and displacement will be utilized by engines. If you want a fast ship with limited projection capabilities, great! But most modern militaries would choose a larger radius of efficacy over raw speed, so smaller engines and more space for guns and planes. I was crunching some numbers on the example vehicles, and saw that they all spent between 8 and 19 times more points on capabilities than size. So I set ship class sizes (DD 13, CR 16 etc...) and simply said a ship can only spend 15x more on powers than on size. I think this will adequately represent space limitations on ships. And the starter ship for my PCs it's only 5x or 10x to represent being a run down, old POS ship. Does this approach make any sense? What other tools and mechanics have been used to balance and normalize ships? Thanks!
  2. I am trying to print a vehicle design to pdf with HD6 but I get an error message. Don't really understand, my characters print to pdf no problem but vehicles and bases doesn't. Am I missing a file or something? Picture shows the message I get when I try to print it.
  3. AlHazred

    Vehicular Combat

    Version 1


    On the Star Hero boards, crayadder asked about vehicular combat, and I took the opportunity to create a vehicle-based martial art -- it's as if the pilot/driver is the martial artist, and the vehicle is the weapon. It's not appropriate for all genres and all playstyles, but for certain vehicle-heavy games it might do the trick. For a pdf of the martial art in standard Hero format, click this Dropbox link.