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What complications would Supergirl have other than vulnerability to Kryptonite?

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Some thematic ideas for your consideration:


- Dependent NPC: One of her adoptive family members who she's close to, like a younger or older sibling or adoptive parent(s).


- Professional Rivalry: Hope is young, powerful, and relatively new to her home city, and inadvertently rubs an existing hero (or heroine) who is less powerful than she is the wrong way to where he or she is now jealous of her. This creates problems where the rival now ignores his or her better judgment in an attempt to outdo Hope. An example would be the rival hero taking on a significantly more powerful villain alone when he or she would have normally worked with his or her teammates.


- Social Complication: Unfamiliar with Earth culture. She may not understand Earth culture aspects like social media, paparazzi, etc.


- Social Complication: Excessive popularity where fans swarm towards her when she's in action, distracting her since the fans are now targets or hostages to be used (or exploited) by the villain(s) she's fighting. The frequency of this happening would impact the number of points.

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I would do vulnerability to magical effects(not damage) at 1.5x or 2x for 15/30 points.  This would allow magical chains of binding spells to affect her closer to how a normal human might be affected.


A psych lim that isn't mentioned which seems to happen a lot with super people, is the desire to fix whats wrong to the point it starts to become self destructive.

Ex: "Why was I late Lois?  Well, I was headed home with the chinese food, when I heard a little girl crying about a cat in a tree.  I fixed that problem, when a 1 alarm house fire went off.  I got that done, but a mugging on 5th and vine ..."


Another issue that tends to come up are Hunteds that seek a name recognition.  Take out Superman and you instantly become an A-Listed.  In fact, Superman had Maxmia for a while who came to breed with Supes.  Not really a harming hunted, but still keying off the fact that Supes is an extremely powerful entity.


Another is the classic NPC of the issue meme.  Basically, a flexible DNPC for the GM to use as a damsel in distress or a fan.  

Ex: The PCs meet Sister May who runs the orphanage.  Without her, according to her patrons, the orphanage will fall to ruin.  She works 16 hours a day, 365 days a year helping the orphans.  Then a villain takes a hostage who is of course Sister May.


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On 6/21/2020 at 3:19 PM, DShomshak said:

In the same spirit, Soc Lim: CW 'Shipping. The character cannot have a stable romantic relationship. Character or SO fgeel they must break up to protect the other. Frequent misunderstandings and lies. "Just wants to be friends" with the person who adores her; then when she starts to reciprocate feelingsm the other person has moved on and is seeing someone else. Romantic rivals. Keeping secrets, usually stupid ones. The interactions with Secret ID should be obvious.


Dean Shomshak


I covered a similar effect for one of my characters with the complication DNPC: Girlfriend or boyfriend of the month (Infrequently; Normals). It was for a different reason in his case (being a lothario rather than having an unsettled love life due to fate/contrivance), but in practical terms the results are much the same.

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