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11 minutes ago, Spence said:

I have also stopped following threads when they depart from the subject or get too spirited, which has done wonders for my personal calm and blood pressure ūüėĀ


I'm right there with ya, buddy! There are too many other real problems to aggravate me lately, I don't need to go looking for more! I try never to outright disagree or flatly criticize someone's post in these forums because I much prefer the creative collaborative work that comes with at least partial agreement and concessions made to the spirit of the discussion. Sometimes I derail the discussion, as above, and take it in a direction that I mistook, but it's not done intentionally. I genuinely like the people I interact with here and prefer to foster those friendships rather than bull my way through a china shop in order to be "right" at all costs. Plus, it keeps me sane if I let the small stuff go.

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On 6/27/2020 at 9:35 PM, jfg17 said:

How would you recommend one use the free Fantasy Hero Basic 1.1.0 doc, available in the downloads section, alongside FHC and FH 6th Edition?



and what is the history/background to the twist on the combat rules in that doc on page 70?


“If the attacker’s total equals or exceeds the defender’s 
total the attack has hit. 

Offensive Combat Value + roll 
compared to 
Defensive Combat Value +11



I had to go look at the document, and although it doesn't come out and say it, my impression is that the combat roll is a "roll high" approach. This comes up in discussions every once in a while since many gamers are used to rolling over a target number rather than under. I think that maybe @drunkonduty applied this to his document, although you'd have to ask him. Maybe he can be enticed to comment on it . . .

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