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The V-Jet - what is it?


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The "V-Jet" is a transport familiarity for the Champions in "Champions Universe" (ie: Defender on p165), and Ironwood Industrial Technologies had a hand in it's construction (Millennium City sourcebook p46).


But what is it? I can't seem to find any other references to it. Some sort of VTOL aircraft, I assume ... Is anyone aware of any more details?

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The Champions genre book contains full background for the Champions example superhero team, in greater detail than their subsequent write-ups in Champions Universe, as well as game stats for the start of their careers. That book also describes and stats the V-Jet, their team transport; their base, Homestead, and its resident AI, Socrates.


The V-Jet takes its name from its shape. It consists of a central body shaped like a rounded wedge, with two forward-pointing wings attached to either side of the body at the rear. (No illo is included in the book.) Capable of vertical takeoff and landing, and amphibious, it can reach approximately Mach 10. Passengers are protected from the effect of these velocities by a sophisticated internal force-field. The V-Jet carries enough concentrated fuel to fly at full speed for up to a day.

If an enemy attacks the V-Jet, the Champions can fight back with twin blasters mounted on either side of the craft’s nose. Hatches in the roof and floor also allow flying members of the team to exit the vehicle to do battle; low-level force fields keep the exits from overly disrupting the flow of air over the jet's body.

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