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Skill Templates

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I'm sorry if this has been asked before (I can't find any posts on it).


How would I do something along the lines of choose x points in Skills from the following list?


Example:  Choose 6 points of Skills from the following (if any of the following comes from a different source, add 1 skill level to the skill instead):  Climbing, AK: Mountains of the World, AK: [Specific Mountain], KS: Mountains [general knowledge & history as opposed to Area Knowledge], KS: Mountain Climbing Equipment, PS: Mountain Climber, any Background Skill related to climbing.


The AK: [Specific Mountain] would have a note that it can be taken more than once, each time being a different mountain.

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The list itself would be in a prefab.  The “save as template” functionality allows you to define base/starting purchases on a character as well as prefabs to be loaded, so using the two in combination (creating the prefab and then saving the base character with prefab(s) loaded as a template) would give you a more “complete” solution/look.

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