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I am sure it's my lack of knowledge

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Just purchased Hero Designer.  I like it so far, but I ran into something.  I am sure it is my lack of knowledge.  Character has an 18 DEX, I purchased Stealth for 3 points and raised the level to 2 for 2 more points.  The skill turned blue and didn't raise the roll to 14-, stayed at 13-.  What rule am I missing on this.  Remember I am new to Hero so I am sure there is something I am missing.

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Slightly tricky here: what you’re doing is editing the text/display of the ability and not the ability itself.  If you double-click on the text, it will take you into edit mode — the blue text indicates that the display is different from the default for the build.  If you double click on the cost (or right-click and edit) you’ll be take into the edit window for the ability and can assign/remove levels to your heart’s content (and have the cost and display affected as appropriate).

If you have edited the display for an ability (such that it’s displaying in blue), double-click on the text to edit it and then remove all text to revert to default.

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