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Fantasy Hero Weapons

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First off, make sure you’re using a Heroic template (either the built-in one or one based off of it) — that’s the only way to get certain Modifiers like Real Armor and Real Weapon.  Apart from that, it’s generally just mirroring the way it’s written up in whatever book/supplement you’re drawing from.

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Old thread, I know, sorry but it’s just my problem, too: is there no way to just select the weapons, gears and such from a list instead of having to create them? In the official sample sheets, they’re just ‘written’ on, it doesn’t seem like they were ‘created’, so this caused me quite a bit of a confusion.

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For 6th Ed here are what I think are the two best options.


HERO System Equipment Guide Character Pack



Fantasy Hero 6th Edition Character Pack



The Equipment guide is best if you are just looking for gear.  The FH6th character pack has the weapons and armor from the book plus other stuff.  The Equipment guide includes material from other Hero books plus more. 


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