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Need name ideas....

Dr. MID-Nite

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Some names for your consideration:


Hagane No Ken, which is Japanese for "Steel Fist"


Dian Xue, which is Chinese for "Vital Attack Point"


Tiěpí, pronounced, "Tee-yeh-pea", which is Chinese for "Iron Skin"


Doragonken, which is Japanese for "Dragon Fist"


Hope that they help. Good luck!



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   All good suggestions, but you could go the other way.  
 Like just calling him (Her? You didn’t say.) Mr. Lee and going with either the iconic white suit or maybe the yellow and black jumpsuit or The Master or the Priest with them them wearing either Buddhist style robes or street clothes reminiscent of them. (Think Bulletproof Monk, Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4 or Kung Fu: the series)

   I’ll even throw in one I’ve been saving and will never use.  While watching Ne-how Kai-lan (I know I misspelled it) with my God kids I learned that the words for one, two and three in Cantonese are “ee,  ahr and sooon. (rhymes with spoon) (see previous parentheses)

  I thought I’d love to do a Chinese mastermind character named E.R. Sun. Just to see how long it took for the players to get it.

A GM has to have some fun at the players expense, right?

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Man, silly me...


I have a couple nominal builds where the core is 2 levels of shrinking...with normal mass.  So a density about 3.5x that of gold.  Sometimes tank, sometimes projector, but should be almost  impossible to hurt.


Adamant as a name never entered my head.......

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