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Power Level: 12Dc, 8 CV, 5 Spd


Sex: Female

Age: 29

Height: 167cm (5'6")

Weight: 55kg (121.25 lbs)

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Handed: Right


Background: She was part of the Spetznaza or Russian Special Forces.  Her code name was призрак or Ghost.  She was a sniper/assassination specialist in the Spetnaza.  While in their service, she underwent genetic latency activation.  Her powers required an amplification suit but the transmaterialization of her body gave her an edge in her assassinations.  Unhappy with her lifestyle in Russia, she blackmailed several higher ranking officials into letting her go.  The ones who rejected her terms suddenly went missing.  She then emigrated to the European Union and then the United States, using the influence of several criminal organizations.  While she belongs to no specific organization, she contracts out her services to any who will hire her.


Personality/Motivation: Her biggest goal is money and life style.  Her contracts always includes cost contingencies where she can bail from a contract if the cost exceeds estimates (her deposit is always returned but she has only returned 1 deposit in 53 assignments).


Quote: Ваше бронирование в аду ждет. ("Your reservation in Hell awaits.")


Powers/Tactics: She generally uses long range shots to snipe her target with her heavy duty sniper rifle.  At a range of half of a kilometer, it would take most supers over 12 seconds to come to where she is shooting from and using her powers she is very difficult to corner.  At times, due to the precautions of the target, she will need to get in close.  In those instances, she can usually perform the hit and get away with her powers but she is more likely to be caught by a team of superheroes who tend to cover for each other.


Campaign Use: Assassin


Appearance: She has black hair and green eyes and maintains a good physique similar to that of a gymnast.


Notes: In my campaign, it took three heroes to catch her as she would phase through buildings, teleport blindly into hallways, and phase through walls and attacks.  The big limitation is the limited distances she can cover and the fact that she can only use one multipower ability per phase.  She never used her acid attack, as that is generally used for breaking into areas she can't phase/teleport through.  Anything not listed was never brought up in the game organically so why bother (like her name beyond her code name).



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