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Here's a Weird One...


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I'm translating Villains and Vigilantes' The Centerville Incident to HERO System. Yay! 


One of the characters is Special Officer Koniji Hirakarini, a space cop. She's got a gun, a short skirt, and all the anime tropes you care to apply.  Her weird thing is Proxima;  who is her armor and ship and best friend. They are the same person. This is a really cool idea, but how to build it? Do you just build a multiform for Proxima? Can a person (android) multiform into a vehicle?


Proxima is an android? Easy enough. 

Proxima is a ship? Multiform to a character with all the powers required to simulate all the bits a starship would have (Merchant ship from Star Hero

Proxima is a battlesuit? Just a bunch of powers for Koniji with the limitation that Proxima isn't available while the armor is active? 


Handwave it? I'M THE GM AND I SAID SO is hardly good HERO Math. 

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25 minutes ago, Jkeown said:

Her weird thing is Proxima;  who is her armor and ship and best friend.


Have you considered Duplication?


Build Koniji as a battlesuit character who has access to a cool computer AI (which can all be special effects for additional senses, +INT and levels with knowledge skills).  When duplicated you have a normal woman with a ship run by an AI...



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