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First idea bounce: Toyboy.


Origin: Son or grandson of an infamous semi-local toy company which fell on hard times. He tried to resurrect the company when a rival hired assassins to kill him. They didn't do a really good job, as he was still alive except for a facial deformity and the loss of his vocal cords. Going mad, he disguised himself as the company mascot and started a violent crime spree.


Powers: Mostly toy disguise gadgets and weapons. Some of his regular 'toys' are...

     The Wessel Box: A jack in the box weapon with five different attacks. He has no control over the effect once activated. He can remotely crank the box, so disarming him does nothing. The attacks are: fireman (hose shoots flames), boxer (a punch), cook (sharp knife), cop (he's got a gun), and clown (pie in the face). The six one is a naked wessel who screams and closes the box door (this having a 1d6 roll to see what happens).

     Shock Darts: Suction Dart gun with a strong suction. They can stick to anything.  Also, when touched it delivers an electrical shock to the target. He can also trigger the darts at will.

     Bounce Ball: Rubber ball which can absorb and release tremendous amounts of kinetic energy. 

     Tornado Top: A top which creates a small tornado.

     Mask: Not exactly a toy, his mask has an attached helicopter beanie and on his neck is a voice box device powered by a pull string. To talk, he must pull that string. Prehaps multiple times.

    Green Wheel: Less a gadget then a vehicle, it is an adult size Big Wheel with various devices in it.

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Stupor Man - A WWII era soldier who used his temporary Immunity to Alcohol to win bar bets. After the war, he was alternately kidnapped and rescued by the Soviets, the CIA, various secret societies, and industry moguls who experimented on him trying to figure out how his power worked and to duplicate it.


His power had the limitation that a day after he drank that the inebriation would come upon him to the same extent and duration that he would have been inebriated as he was drinking. Notably, as he was experiencing the inebriation, it appeared to be totally a psychological effect: no physical evidence of alcohol would be found in his breath or blood (so he would not succumb to alcohol poisoning no matter how much he drank). The exact origin of his power remained unknown as none of his kidnappers appeared to have ever broke the code.


He made a marginal living trading on his fame by playing recurring roles as a drunk on TV shows or in movies and showing up as the celebrity on TV game shows. 


After his death, a government agency tried to get a court order to exhume his body for research citing nation security concerns.  However, by the time they dug up the grave, they found only an empty coffin.


That incident has led to Stupor Man's further fame as the mysterious disappearance of his body has been attributed variously to aliens, the Maffia, and governments around the world depending on the bent of the conspiracy website or cable TV show ...

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Origin: Warwick Blades was once a petty thief. Stealing an experimental ice generator device, he had an underworld tech guy to slim the device down and turn it into a "sword". Then he tried to make a name for himself as Winterblade.


Powers: The hilt can shoot a beam which can form ice. The most common use is to wrap people up in a thin layer of the stuff (Entangle). The beam can also freeze any liquid it hits (Transformation). If needed, the hilt can create a blaid of sharp ice (HKA). The hilt is strong enough to use as a weapon itself (HA). There may be other powers, but Warwick will find them in his own time.


Warwick's costume is padded and resistant to cold.


Warwick has self taught himself some fencing maneuvers enough to have some rudimentary martial arts.

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