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Power Negator


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Champions the RPG (product #1100) page 230


I'm trying to recreate this item using Hero Designer and I came up with a problem.  I understand about Expanded Effect with Variable Effect combo to affect all powers simultaneously for +4.  What I don't understand is the next item, Variable Special Effects (eight special effects simultaneously) for +1.  Looking up Variable Special Effect ins 6E1 362, the VSE is only +1/2 for all SFX.  Where is the creator of this item coming up with the +1?  The other problem is the Costs END for -0.  Under Suppress 6E1 196, Costs END (to maintain) is a -1/2 limitation, but only if the Constant advantage is applied.  However, this item doesn't use the Constant advantage.  Also, it doesn't seem to work with the Reduced END (0 END, deactivated by removing cuffs from the victim).  This seems to be more in line with the Uncontrolled advantage.  The last thing is OAF Fragile.  The creator separated this limitation into OAF (-1) and Fragile (-0).  In 6E1 378-379, a Fragile focus is only 1 PD/ED (which is an additional -1/4), not 20 PD/ED.  I think the creator meant Durable for -0, not Fragile.


So, having rebuilt the item from the rules I have the following:


Power Negator: Suppress powers 15d6, Variable Special Effects (any SFX; +1/2), Constant (+1/2), Uncontrolled (deactivated by removing cuffs from the victim; +1/2), Expanded Effect (all superhuman powers simultaneously; +4) (975 Active Points); OAF Durable (Only 20 PD/ED; -1), No Range (-1/2), Costs Endurance (to maintain; -1/2), Only Works On Manacled/Restrained Subjects (-1/4). Total cost: 300 points.


As you can see I came up with the same active points, but a different total cost.  So, my biggest questions are:  was the Power Negator in the book wrongly constructed? and the way I did it correct?

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I think this question is better suited for the forums, as this isn’t a rules question per se, but more about errata. I would agree (without referencing Champions or seeing the build you’ve referenced) that based on your description, the printed build may contain errors, and I can independently confirm that what you built is sound. 


Remember, it isn’t about “right” and “wrong” but more “accurate & valid” vs “needs work.”


Nice build there, by the way.

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As an option for Drain, GMs can allow characters
to buy a slightly different form of the Power
known as Suppress. Suppress is Drain with the
Limitation Costs Endurance (to maintain; -½);
it’s considered a Constant Power. This means the
character has to continue to pay END every Phase
to keep the Suppressed Characteristic or Power
at its Suppressed level (doing this is an Action
that takes no time).

So, taking the limitation of costs end to maintain makes the drain into suppress.  Uncontrolled, as stated in the book means the power continues but only for as long as there is end in the pool.  This end is assigned to it when first used and the power uses that end to maintain.  Suppress simply keeps drawing end until shut off or end runs out.

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