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Skill template error?


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This is what I have:

			<ADDER XMLID="ADDCULTURE" DISPLAY="Additional Culture(s) or Region(s)" SHOWALIAS="No" BASECOST="1" MINCOST="1" 
				INPUTLABEL="Culture(s)/Region(s)" OTHERINPUT="Yes" EXCLUSIVE="Yes">
			<DEFINITION>A character with this 
				Interaction Skill knows when to bribe someone, how to approach him, and how much to 

What I expect:  The 2 adders to show.  Check.

What I expect:  Checking the first adder box to replace the base cost of the bribery skill with 2.  Problem.  It adds 2 to the bribery base cost instead.

What I expect:  Checking the first adder box does not produce an extra "First Culture" box for that adder.  Problem.  It does.

What I expect:  Before checking the first adder box, the second adder box to be grayed out.  Problem.  It's not grayed out.


Expected output if adder is not chosen:

3 Bribery 11-

Expected output if adder is chosen:

2 Bribery: [culture] 11-

What it actually outputs:

5 Bribery 11-


I was using the 5th edition computer programming skill as an example.  There, the first adder chosen replaces the base cost, not add to it, then all the additional chosen adders add to the first adder chosen.


It's probably something simple, but I just can't see it.

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You're not going to get the behavior you're after without overriding/re-defining one of the optionally Adder-based Skills (Animal Handler, Survival, etc.) -- they require custom code in order to flip between being either a straight 3/2 Skill or being Adder-based.  Without that, Adders will work as they should -- adding into the cost of the Skill.

As for the lack of the Adders in the output of the Skill, you have SHOWALIAS set to No, so they're not displaying (by design).

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I had a feeling SHOWALIAS was part of the problem since it wasn't defined in the docs.  So, by deleting that, the adders should show in the end result.


IOW, I can't get the same behavior as Computer Programming then.  That's a bummer.  I'm not too sure how to do it then.  Any hints will be appreciated.


I'm trying to add in xml so that I can add the extra stuff from Hero System Skills (6E).  So far, I'm up to Bribery (6E Skills book, page 93, subsection Subdividing Bribery).


P.S.  Right now, you have in the Preferences the Template tab to add 5th edition source books.  Will you be eventually doing that with the 6th edition source books (basically a second Template tab labelled "Template 6E")?

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The source book selection was intentionally removed for 6E -- elements that Steve considers canon/part of the core rules are added in, others are up to the user and/or character packs to include as needed/desired.  That was part of the increased focus on toolkitting for 6E.

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I figured a work around.  Reduce the BASECOST of the main skill to 0 and add an ADDER with the title No Culture/Region Choice with BASECOST of 3.  All that's left is the part of graying out the other two adders when that is chosen.  I'll be looking at examples in the Main6E template where some skills do that.

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