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So I created a new public club (hopefully wont get a take down notice/change the name notice from the HERO group) called the Adventurers Club(link).


The idea is, it's a place where people can post about their heroes and other things PC character related.  While I originally thought of the club for superheroes, any hero should be welcome.  There are forum categories for people selling, showing off, or requesting artwork("Press, paparazzi, and fan clubs for the heroes") and Social activities ("At The Bar") like best hero design contests, best costume contest, best backstory contest, meetups at conventions, open gaming invites, etc.


For use in a campaign as a game mechanic, the Adventurer's Club would be located in every major city and is a social club.  It will have a bar and a no violence stipulation (whether enforced or not is up to the GM).


As far as club parameters, there is no exclusion, it's a public club.  I'm currently the only admin but I'll add a few other people as admins if it ever gets popular.

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