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AVLD NND question


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I noticed in the XML that the adder "All Or Nothing" has the ABBREVIATION="NND" on its line.  However, when choosing that adder, NND does not appear in the output.  When I look closer, the abbreviation "AVLD" isn't in the output either.


Example:  Choose Blast 1d6.  Add AVLD modifier with All Or Nothing checked (I'm not changing the Defense Change or the Defense for the sake of the example).  The output is Blast 1d6; Attack Versus Alternate Defense (ED; All Or Nothing; -1/2).  That is technically correct, but the expected output should be Blast 1d6; AVLD (ED; NND; -1/2) because of the ABBREVIATION attributes.  Preferred output should be Blast 1d6; NND (ED; -1/2).  The preferred output would match all the character write-ups that have NNDs in their powers.


Not only the abbreviation for AVLD doesn't show up, neither does NND even though both have the ABBREVIATION attribute in the XML and I do have the use abbreviations in the Preferences checked.


Using latest build of HD.


P.S.  I was wondering why NND wasn't showing up until I started looking at the XML.  I also just now when I was typing up this question saw that the abbreviation AVLD wasn't showing up either.

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I'm not sure what you mean.  Checking 6E1 325, Attack Versus Limited Defense is abbreviated to AVLD in the first sentence.  On page 326, No Normal Defense is abbreviated NND.


Life Support in HD does abbreviate to LS, as well as Professional Skills (PS), Science Skills (SS), and some others appropriately.


I'm just wondering why the ABBREVIATION attribute is not working when abbreviations in the Preferences is activated.


Never mind.  I tried adding WGABBREVIATION="AVLD" and WGABBREVIATION="NND" and they abbreviated appropriately (I copied the XML to another file so the original is not altered).  I guess ABBREVIATION cannot work by itself, it must also include WGABBREVIATION.  Not sure why that is.

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Just tried unchecking the Use strict Writers' Guidelines compliance while leaving the Use Abbreviations checked.  That works.  It looks like checking the Writers' Guidelines overrules the ABBREVIATION attribute, even if the Use Abbreviations is also checked.  That is behavior I wasn't expecting.


P.S.  Where can I find the Writers' Guidelines?

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