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MinMax 6th Ed 400 pt Hero


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So a long time ago (about 15 years IIRC) in a gaming house now but a distant memory, I ran a 5th game and introduced a lowered powered hero NPC trying to get into the main hero's roster.  That hero was MinMax.  When 6th came out, the new cost challenges for growth made that a bit difficult.  I think I finally got it down where I think power, CV, and damage variability is still playable.  She may still require some tweaking but on the whole seems okay.  Sadly, I am the only GM I know doing Hero right now and the only one doing 6th so she may be on hold for a while.


Power Level: Game Average: 12DC, 8 CV, 5 Spd


Sex: Female

Age: 18

Height: 157cm (5'2")

Weight: 51kg (112.5 lbs)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Handed: Right



Maxine Ming is a mutant teenager with the size changing power. She found that within a limited range of her body, she could shrink herself and things she has to about the size of an ant. Later on, she found that she could enlarge herself. She trained a unique fighting style involving her shrinking/growth and the martial arts she studied her entire life. Now, with a new suit (which shee keeps in an altoids small tin), she fights in the San Francisco bay area as MinMax.



She's always had the push to be a doctor or lawyer from her parents.  Now in college, she's studying to be an engineer (an acceptable profession) but what she really wants to be is a superhero.  So she hides her adventuring behind a mask and suit while slowly earning an engineering degree.



I'm MinMax.



Inside buidlings, she tends to stay small and use martial arts.  Her costume can change colors to help blend into the background.  Outside, if she needs a push in damage, she can grow to about 2 stories.



She's 5'2" and weighs 112#.  She's fairly curvy for an Asian woman with a petite frame.



Against opponents using only direct attacks, she's pretty unstoppable.  Shrunk, her DCV is around 24.  In normal size mode, her DCV can be on the average 12 assuming she's doing a martial punch and making her acrobatics roll.  She doesn't fly and that is something I'm a bit torn on.  Flight might be incredibly useful.  When she's big, her martial punch can land a whopping 14d6.  Her defenses go up to 20 points, and with 6 damage negation classes, an average 12d6 attack should do a point or two of stun on the average.  Her big weakness is area of effects.  When shrunk or normal sized, the area of effects negate her DCV.  When grown, while her PD/ED still go up to 20, she no longer gets her damage negation.  Combined with the bonus to hit her at that size, she's at a disadvantage with a cheap area effect being just +1/4 on 10d6 normal (doing 15 stun when grown or 21 at any other time against her 15 Con). 



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