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Poll: Pick a Color! (July 2020 Superdraft)

Pick A Color! Superdraft Poll  

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  1. 1. Choose your three favorite teams/stories!

    • All That Glitters...
    • alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die 
    • Blue City Blues
    • Emerald City Enforcers
    • Is Black a Color, or, World's Laziest Superdraft
    • Live! Coast to Coast
    • Orange Is the New Crazy
    • Parent Daughter Day
    • Pretty In Pink
    • That Ain't Silver in Them Thar Hills

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Here's the poll. They are arranged in alphabetical order by title. Two of the entries didn't have titles, so I made some up. You're welcome. :D 


Please choose your three favorites before noon EDT on August 1st.  Here are the summaries (spoilered for length):


Title: All that Glitters...

Color: Gold

Location: Rural Idaho

Protagonist: Gold Lantern

Protagonist: Goldbug (Bumblebee)

Protagonist: Wonder Woman

Protagonist: Batman

Protagonist: Doctor Fate 


Title: alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die 

Color: Purple

Location: Gillikin Country in the Land of Oz

Protagonist: Triplicate Girl 

Protagonist: Coilman

Protagonist: The Phantom

Protagonist: Natasha Nogoodnik 

Protagonist: Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon

Antagonist: Barney the Dinosaur

Option: Music from New Riders of the Purple Sage and Deep Purple 

Option: Dick Dastardly's Mean Machine 

Option: Violet Clearance Clone 


Title: Blue City Blues

Color: Blue

Location: Jodhpur, India (The Blue City)

Protagonist: The Blue Raja

Protagonist: Blue Beetle (Ted)

Protagonist: Blue Beetle (Jaime)

Protagonist: Blue Devil

Protagonist: Sapphire 

Antagonist: Grand Master Robo 


Title: Emerald City Enforcers

Color: Green

Location: Sydney, Austalia

Protagonist: She-Hulk

Protagonist: Miss Martian

Protagonist: Mantis

Protagonist: Jade 

Protagonist: Green Arrow (Mia Queen)

Antagonist: Mordru

Option: Orion slave girls 

Option: Fire (Beatriz)


Title: Is Black a Color, or, World's Laziest Superdraft

Color: Black

Location: Dark City

Protagonist: Black Widow 

Protagonist: Black Panther

Protagonist: Black Cat

Protagonist: Black Lightning

Protagonist: Black Mask

Antagonist: Black Adam

Option: Black Bolt

Option: Clip Art Woman Man

Option: The Amazing Darkon


Title: Live! Coast to Coast

Color: White

Location: Antarctica

Protagonist: Moon Knight

Protagonist: Phantom Girl

Protagonist: White Tiger

Protagonist: Spider-Man

Protagonist: Ghost Spider 

Antagonist: Ultra-Humanite 

Option: Wendigo 

Option: Storm Shadow

Option: Space Ghost!


Title: Orange Is the New Crazy

Color: Orange

Location: Orange County, CA

Protagonist: The Thing

Protagonist: Starfire

Protagonist: Captain Citrus

Protagonist: Aquaman

Protagonist: Larfleeze

Antagonist:  Mr. Mxyzptlk

Option: Burning Godzilla 

Option: Sasquatch

Option: Beta Ray Bill 


Title: Parent Daughter Day

Color: Red

Location: Fawcett City

Protagonist: Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)

Protagonist: Johnny Quick

Protagonist: The Red Rube

Protagonist: The Human Torch (Jim Hammond)

Protagonist: Badger (Norbert Sykes)

Antagonist: Red Skull 

Option: Scarlet Witch 

Option: Miss America 

Option: Jay Garrick


Title: Pretty In Pink

Color: Pink

Location: Malibu, CA

Protagonist: Gwenpool

Protagonist: Cosmic Boy

Protagonist: Boom Boom

Protagonist: Gambit 

Protagonist: The Pink Ranger

Antagonist: The High Evolutionary 

Option: Psylocke (Protagonist)

Option: Atom Eve

Option: the M'Kraan Crystal


Title: That Ain't Silver in Them Thar Hills

Color: Silver

Location: Reno, Nevada

Protagonist: Colossus

Protagonist: Quicksilver

Protagonist: Elastigirl 

Protagonist: Steel

Protagonist: ROM, Spaceknight

Antagonist: Doctor Doom

Option: Vibranium

Option: Doombots

Option: Mechanon


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Okay, folks, we have our winner! Or, should I say, winners! Our co-champions are:


Bazza with Emerald City Enforcers


Cancer with 



Our co-runners-up are:


Dr. MID-Nite with Orange Is the New Crazy


Logan.1179 with Pretty In Pink


Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who played.

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Congrats to Team Purple as co-winners. 


I can only assume Paria didn't include my second team as he didn't want a "dark horse". :D 



Colour: 'Dark'
Location(s): Dark Dimension (Marvel), Dark Multiverse (DC)
Team Name: Dark Avengers (name only) (Marvel)
Hero: Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey (Marvel)
Hero: Darkseid (DC)
Hero: Perrikus, member of the Dark Gods (Marvel)
Hero: Dark Supergirl (New Earth) (DC)
Hero: Malekith the Accursed, Dark Elf (Marvel)
Antagonist: Dark Celestial, Zgreb the Sorrower (Marvel)
Option: Dark Knights (Dark Multiverse, DC)
Option: Darkhold (Marvel)
Option: (Ally) Umar the Unrelenting, denizen of the Dark Dimension

Plot: Zgreb the Sorrower have awoken to DC's Dark Multiverse and desire to merge it with Marvel's Dark Dimension. DC's Dark Multiverse is 'negative' whilst Marvel's Dark Dimension is 'positive', ergo if succeeded then the Dark Dimension will become twisted corrupt form from what it presently is. Zgreb the Sorrower finds the Dark Knights and recruits them. Umar the Unrelenting assembles a team of Dark Avengers to stop this nefarious scheme. Will the Darkhold be the key for victory, or its undoing? 

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21 minutes ago, Cancer said:

Team Green and Team Purple.  Sounds like the color scheme from one my junior high school dances.


Hey, our locations are both in Oz.  I can live with that.


I was thinking of franchising "Team Green" to Ireland (The Emerald Isle) & Iceland. You up for this? 

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According to my six-year-old, whose knowledge on this subject I trust above most people ten times his age, this is the only national flag in the world that includes purple.

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39 minutes ago, Cancer said:

:think: I thought Iceland was blue, but that's OK with me.  There aren't any real purple flag countries, it seems.


According to my Swiss work colleague, Greenland was named as such to persuade others to invade it, like leaving the more green and hospitable Iceland, well free from invaders. So the names are /marketing/propaganda. 




Aerial view of a riverbed in Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, Iceland. 

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Colour: Green
Team name: Emerald City Enforcers II 

Location: Iceland

Hero: Kermit the Frog

Hero: Simon Walterson, the Thor-Frog

Hero: Yoda (or Baby Yoda)

Heroine: Buttercup (Powerpuff Girl)

Hero: Perry the Platypus (Phineas And Ferb)

Antagonist: Constantine aka "Evil Kermit" (Muppets Most Wanted) 

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