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The Champions Campaign Wiki Begins!

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14 hours ago, steriaca said:

Humm...can Champions Now be one of these 'editions' of Champions we could convert characters to? If so, we have...


Champions 1ed.

Champions 2ed 

Champions 3ed.

Champions 4ed (bks the BBB).

Fusion Full. (Champions New Generation).

Fusion Light (DragonBall Z, Usagi Yojimbo rpg).

Champions 5ed (FrED. REFrED.)

Champions 6ed.

Champions Now!



Yes. Absolutely! :)

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Okay, it's a couple days early, but we can get started at the new wiki: https://championsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Championsrpg_Wiki   RULES 1. We ask that anyone editing the wiki ple

I would have to build in 4e-5e, and hand conversions off to someone to do for 6e. 

I completely disagree with this sort of supervillain build. It sets a VERY bad example for GMs and can easily instantly sour a player's desire to continue with your game. This is for MANY reasons, but

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14 hours ago, steriaca said:

Humm...can Champions Now be one of these 'editions' of Champions we could convert characters to? If so, we have...


Champions 1ed.

Champions 2ed 

Champions 3ed.

Champions 4ed (bks the BBB).

Fusion Full. (Champions New Generation).

Fusion Light (DragonBall Z, Usagi Yojimbo rpg).

Champions 5ed (FrED. REFrED.)

Champions 6ed.

Champions Now!


That is nine separate editions. We can probably ignore Fusion and Champions Now, which of course leaves 6 editions.



This is how I see it:


We are building the wiki in 6e. I foresee a lot of 5e conversions--I still use 5e a lot. I see 4e as being big too--I love that book. I could be wrong, but I foresee less 3e and below conversions. (Don't hate me, I played all the versions, and I probably spent the most tabletop time in 3e.)


Champions Now, I'd love to see conversions to that. Fuzion...why not? I think this forum might not have a lot of Fuzion players but I absolutely would not block that. 


But I feel that--for the sake of propagating Champions--we have to keep 6e as the main, even though I personally play 5e more.

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1 hour ago, Scott Ruggels said:

I would have to build in 4e-5e, and hand conversions off to someone to do for 6e. 


I think there are many in the same boat. If you want to post in 4e or 5e, then that's awesome. I'll add a rule that says, "If you post in 4e or 5e, indicate so, and we'll try to get a conversion to 6e ASAP." I feel like the biggest intuitive jump is between 5e and 6e, but if you can build in 1e you can build in 5e. (my opinion)


UPDATE: Added the new rule/guideline to the wiki!

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Things I can't find but wish I could...


Jet Justice's stats.


That's about it right now. I haven't searched for John "Sunburn" Robert's yet, but I don't think the wiki wants a ex-superhero reporter with a mean fear of Doctor Destroyer running around.

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On 8/12/2020 at 11:46 AM, steriaca said:

I finished Mister Wicked up and cut n paist him onto the wiki. I don't know how to load images and I need to put that line of copyright in. Can anyone do it for me?


On 8/12/2020 at 9:04 PM, steriaca said:

I'm finding it hard to post images to the wiki with my cell phone. Anyone know how?



I posted the image.

Link: https://championsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Mister_Wicked

Things are picking up at the wiki! :)


PS: If anyone has trouble posting images, just post them here and I can upload them. But if you can post them yourself on the wiki, go for it! :)

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Lady Heart

Val Char Cost Roll Notes

12 STR 2 11-  Lift: 100kg, 2d6 HTH Damage 

13/25 DEX 6 12-/14-

14/24 CON 4 12-

14 INT 4 12- Preception: 12-

14 EGO 4 12-

14/26 PRE 4 12-/15- 3d6 PRE Attack/5d6 PRE Attack


4/8 OCV 5

6/8 DCV 10

4 OMCV 3

4 DMCV 3

4/6 SPD 20 Phases: 3,6,9,12/2,4,6,8,10,12


4 PD 2 24PD/20rPD

4 ED 2 24ED/20rED

8/15 REC 4

30/60 END 2

10 BODY 0

40/60 STUN 10


Characteristic Cost: 85



Running 12m/24m NCM

Swimming 4m/8m NCM

Leaping 4m/8m NCM 

Flying 15m/30m NCM, OIAID


Cost Powers/END


17 Magical Girl Change: Cosmetic Transformation 1d6 (don't bother to roll this) Clothing to Magical Girl Outfit based on environment at the time of transformation), Limited Target (worn clothing only: -1/2), Concentration (to activate, 1/2 DCV, -1/4), Extra Time (Delayed Phase, -1/4), Gestures (trace a heart in the air with finger. This is the universal gesture. -1/4), Incantations ("Change of Heart": -1/4).


Shape Shift: Seight, Hearing, Touch, Smell/Taste, Mental, One Shape Only (+0), Reduced Endurance (0 END: +1/2), Concentration (to activate, 1/2 DCV, -1/4), Extra Time (Delayed Phase, -1/4), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (see above, -1/4) [1 END]


17 Magical Girl Agility: +12 DEX, OIAID(-1/4)


8 Magical Girl Constitution: +10 CON, OIAID(-1/4)


11 Magical Girl Presence: +14 PRE, OIAID(-1/4)


16 Magical Girl Offense: +4 OCV, OIAID(-1/4)


8 Magical Girl Defense: +2 DCV, OIAID (-1/4)


24 Magical Girl Speed: +3 SPD, OIAID (-1/4)


5 Magical Girl Endurance: +30 END, OIAID (-1/4)


8 Magical Girl Stun: +20 STUN, OIAID (-1/4)


44 Love Energy Abilities: 60 point Multipower, Proportional (from APG1, ×2 effect in areas with a strong connection to the emotion of love, joy, happiness and other light emotions I haven't thought up: +1/2), Limited Power on 30 points (reduces to 30 points in areas connected with the emotions hate, fear, sorrow and other dark emotions I haven't thought up: -1/4 on 30 points), OIAID (-1/4), Gestures (trace a heart into the air, the standard gesture for all her attack powers: -1/4), Incantations (name of the attack: -1/4)


5f "Heart Attack": 12d6 Physical Blast (24d6/6d6) [6/12/3 END]


5f "Heart Strings": 6d6, 6PD, 6ED Entangle (12d6 12PD 12ED/3d6 3ED 3ED) [6/12/3 END]


5f "Heart Light": 12d6 Sight Flash (24d6/6d6) [6/12/3 END]


5f "Healing Heart": 6d6 Simplified Healing (12d6/3d6) [6/12/3 END]


5f "Heart Breaker": 4d6 Ranged Killing Attack (8d6/2d6) [6/12/3 END]


48 Magical Girl Defense: Resistant Protection 20PD, 20ED, OIAID (-1/4)


17 "Heart Shield": Deflection, Presistant (+1/4), Cost END Only To Activate (+1/4), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), OIAID (-1/4) [2 END to activate]


16 Magical Power Shield: Power Defense 20, OIAID (-1/4)


10 Magical Mind Shield, Non-transformed: Mental Defense 10


8 Magical Mind Shield, Transformed: Mental Defense +10, OIAID (-1/4)


12 Magical Floating: 15m Flight (30m NCI), OIAID (-1/4)


5 Kawaii: Striking Appearance w/all, +2/+2d6, OIAID (-1/4)


5 More Kawaii To Otaku: Striking Appearance w/otaku, +1/+1d6, OIAID (-1/4)


15 Magical Luck: 3d6


Power Total: 323


Cost Skill:Roll


Entertainment Skills

3 Acting: 12-/15-

3 Animal Handling (Horses): 12-/15-

3 KS: The Mickey Mouse Club and the contract rules of the Walt Disney Company: 12-

3 PS: Dance (DEX): 12-/14-

3 PS: Singing (PRE): 12-/15-

3 Riding: 12-/14-

1 TF: Horse Riding 

3 PS: Modeling (PRE): 12-/15-


Japanese Pop Culture Skills 

3 Expert (Japanese Pop Culture)

6 KS: Anime and Manga (INT): 16-

6 KS: Japanese Video Games (INT): 16-

6 KS: Cosplay and Japanese Street Fashion (INT): 16-

6 AK: Japan (INT): 16-

2 Language: Japanese (fluent w/accent, English is native)


3 Acrobatics: 12-/14-

3 Breakfall: 12-/14-

3 Charm: 12-/14-

3 Computer Programing: 12-

3 AK: San Angelo: 12-

2 LS: American Sign Language 


Skills Total: 68




2 Deep Cover: Rebecca Valentine 

5 Contact: The Charmed Ones, 11-, Very Useful Skills, Access to the Trismatic Council 


Perks Total: 7


Grand Total: 483




DNPC: Doreen Mariki Tanaka (Spirit Cat) and/or her mother Keiko Tanaka (girlfriend and girlfriend's mother) (Slightly Less Powerful, Infrequent, Group): 10


DNPC: Rodney and Rosemary Trueheart (parents) (Normal, Infrequently, Group): (15)


Distinctive Features: What An Anime Style Magical Girl Would Look Like In Real Life, Complete With HUGE Eyes when transformed (Concelable, Noted And Recognizable): 10


Hunted by the Court of Hate (As Powerful, Infrequently): 10


Hunted by Lady Heart's Rogue Gallery (various minor villains s/he comes across during hir adventures who occasionally want revenge or something, As Powerful [or sometimes better], Infrequently): 10


Watched by the Walt Disney Company (Making sure there teenage actors don't make impure actions which reflect badly upon the company, More Powerful, Non Combat Influence, Infrequently, Watching): 10


Watched by Ryu No Yuri (More Powerful, Infrequently, Watching): 10


Psychological Complication: Code VS Killing of Sentient Lifeforms (Common, Strong): 15


Psychological Complication: Code Of The Hero (Common, Total): (20)


Social Complication: Beholden To The Sponsors Of The Junior Justice Foundation And The Justice Foundation Think Tank (Frequently, Minor): (10)


Social Complication: Otaku Geek (all 3 identities, but a bit more forgiving as Lady Heart/Rebecca Valentine, Frequently, Minor): (10)


Social Complication: Secret Identity (Robert Trueheart, Frequently, Major): (10)


Social Complication: Embarrassing Secret (a triple life, that Rebecca Valentine is secretly a boy who changes via magic, Frequently, Major): (10)

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