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Starfinder/Star Wars HERO

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Alongside my Pathfinder project, I'm working on a version of Starfinder that incorporates the Force and Jedi into the universe, with a "cold war" going on between the dark and light side of the Force, similar to the prequel movies (in terms of public knowledge). I have vague images of what I want the end result to look like, but here are some of the things I've decided to work on:


1. Include all the races from Starfinder into the mix. These will be portrayed by the various pawns for Starfinder RPG, when miniatures are called for on the battlemaps.

2. Make it more gritty and cyberpunky in terms of combat and weaponry. I will be focusing on slug-throwing weapons at first, then incorporate blasters (from Star Wars) alongside with the numerous energy weapons found in Star Hero and Starfinder books. They will be heavy artillery not many NPCs or PCs get to use. I will work on verisimilitude and making the weapons customizable (Dark Champions book will give me some direction along with Starfinder Armory), and have them limited in story terms. There will be black ops strike teams with shortened battle rifles that can be disguised with technomagic like the null-space stock that turns the weapon into a handheld disc. Special ammunition and cybernetics will be included (will check out the Kazei 5 book) so the game will feel more in-depth in terms of equipment and character options.

3. Ship-to-ship combat will include elements from the Starfinder books, and will be a bit more "flavorful" than the standard vehicle rules found in Hero 5e.

4. Mecha will be included in some form, probably as oversized battlesuits.

5. The Force can be used by player characters, either as magic spells, or body enhancements or just extended senses. Really it depends on the character concept, and will be open ended enough to make up any kind of force power one could think of.

6. Alignment plays into the light vs. dark side of the Force, and will be included in the game.

7. Combat will mostly be played out on flipmats or battle terrain, possibly in "techno-dungeon" crawls if the story situation calls for it. I will be using the "squares" of Starfinder as an indicator for an inch of movement, where the average character moves 6 squares (30ft) or 6 inches in Hero terms. This is to make the combat more tactical, also to ease players into the game that have not played roleplaying games before. This is the "boardgame" portion of the game.

8. Corpse Fleet in Starfinder fits perfectly as a cover-up for a Sith ghost that wants to dominate the known galaxy. Star Knights in Starfinder are a sort of Force-sensitive faction that wants to protect the Pact Worlds from Evil influences.

9. Spells will be categorized into "levels", so that a certain limited amount of active points gets you an effect in the beginning of the game. These can be expanded and modified with character points later in the campaign.

10. The backstory of Golarion vanishing works great for a past dark vs. light side war that ended up in the planet disappearing altogether from known space.


This is very much the first draft of my design document. I will hopefully get to add my conversions and creations on this thread, and will keep folks posted about how the game is taking shape. I could be testing the mechanics or something else with the game by myself, and any play sessions will be documented here too.


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The main goal of the game is to use the Pact Worlds as the "universe" for the game, so I have all the published materials plus upcoming sourcebooks to use with my homebrew version of Starfinder. As an ongoing IP, Starfinder will be around for a few years at least, and the sourcebook bloat isn't anything like Pathfinder 1st edition has currently. It will be easier to keep updated on the materials and use any new books that come out with my campaign.

I could bridge Pathfinder to Starfinder with Hero System easily, but that's not what I'm aiming for with this initial campaign.

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