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Demon's Rule


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For a while now,  I have been using the supplements, Demon's Rule. 


It's a good game to start off with.  Although,  I did make Runt a lot more powerful to go toe to toe with the heroes. 


It starts out with demons gathering steet thugs together to work for them.  Let me tell you,  street thugs are easy to defeat.   Unless they have a gun on an NPC,  or have something tricky up there sleeve that is..


The street thugs are stage 1.   They are to introduce the demons and their schemes.   


The second stage is the demons attacking a museum.   This is where i learned that Runt needs a power boost. So i added Lack of Weakness (since a hero had Find Weakness) , upped his defenses  and even put a damage reduction at 1/4 


There is one more section. Where the demons battle the heroes on an island.   We haven't played that part yet.  And I don't know if I will add the additional items search yet. 


The heroes have the scythe.   The demons have the books.  But if the heroes want to unbind the NPCs. They will need to take along the scythe. 


It's a pretty good supplement and I can't wait until we finish it.  That's all for now. 

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