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Star Trek (Voyager): What's the Best Episode?

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That those episodes will all involve the most dangerous device in the Federation malfunctioning.  Seriously, at this point shouldn't the average Federation citizen look upon a Holodeck-user the way we

I have a strong liking for Message in a Bottle, as it allows Robert Picardo free reign for his great acting.

I would have watched the hell out of it, but then some think I'm odd

  Other than whenever Jeri Ryan came close to being naked, there wasn’t one.
   My real problem with the show was the advertising.  The next week teasers and commercials always promised not simply an interesting episode but one where something major and permanent happened to one of the characters. 
   On a good show that stuff actually happens with consequences for ongoing episodes. Voyager was the king of fake-outs. In the whole series only one person ever left and one came on.  Except for B’Elanna giving birth (and that was only because the actress was pregnant) nobody ever really evolved as a person.  People remembering the effects of “Year in Hell” or some mention of Harry Kim not being the same one they left with for example. Everything had to zero out and go back to the beginning so that the ever changing crew of writers didn’t have to keep up with any changes.
   Take series like Buffy or Babylon 5.  Major plot development every season, important characters coming in & out like thru a revolving door. 
    Voyager just cried wolf too many times for me to care anymore.

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On 9/23/2020 at 8:18 AM, Hermit said:

Some good ones have been mentioned...

but I admit a fondness for Bride of Chaotica. Captain Proton is a blast anyway, and Kute Mulgrew got to chew up the scenery

Also the scene where the Doctor pretends to be the President. His performance was unimpeachable. [rimshot]

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