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combat tracking sheet

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What I used to do was to make a list of characters ordered by DEX top to bottom, and from left to right I would write the segments. For phases that each character would act, I would put a circle.  I would use a coin to track what segment it was and call out each character.  This list was either on a sheet of paper or a corner of the battle map behind the GMs screen. With today’s tools, you could probably generate print outs like this for each planned Combat easily. 

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Whenever I hear "tracking sheet", I flash back to a GM who used one religiously.  The most effective attack in his game would be a tiny DEX drain.


GM:  "OK, MegaStomper's action"


Player:  "Wait, wasn't his DEX drained?"


GM:  Oh yeah - OK, PC 3's action".


And, since MegaStomper was above PC3 on the combat sheet, the GM was never reminded of his later action.


There's a D&D accessory with a backboard and a bunch of little magnetic pieces to represent the combatants so they can be moved if their initiative shifts.  Postit notes could sustitute for a pen and paper variation.


I used to put the phases on the top of NPC character sheets, and sort them by DEX.  Then I would track STUN, END and being Stunned on a separate page during combat.


PC on top acts this phase?  Glance at tracking page to confirm he is not Stunned, KOd, etc. "OK, anyone before DEX 25?"  His action (which could just be recovery from being stunned or when KOd) and he moves to the bottom of the stack.  POW - he's at -37 STUN? Pull his sheet out next time it hits the top.

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I have an old XLS sheet for download.  The phases will automatically adjust dependant on your speed.  Just sort based on Dex then Speed.  The ident column will change the mark on the trip sheets to whatever is in the ident column, so can be used to track stunning, flashes, and aborts.  When I used it, I just kept Excel open and used the highlighted cell to determine what segment we were on. 



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