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Chadwick Boseman dead at 43.


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56 minutes ago, Ragitsu said:

What's S.O.P. for a film studio when a popular and desired actor in a leading role dies?


Well, in this case, those in charge of the MCU were able to swap out Edward Norton for Mark Ruffalo with little fuss, so I imagine they'll find another actor to take Mr. Boseman's place  That successor will have some huge claws to fill, but I, for one, would want to see the character go on, especially in a direct sequel.  There were a huge number of really good actors in Black Panther, and it would be a shame to not see them in their MCU roles again on account of Marvel losing their lead actor.


Rest You Well, Mr. Boseman--and Thank You for lending your talent to one of the best Marvel movies ever made.

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Way too young to leave us. Pretty shocking news. He'll be missed. The world is losing out on all of the great work he had ahead of him.


I guess I'll schedule that colonoscopy my doc has been pestering me to get.


In the huge coincidence department: He passed on Jack Kirby's birthday. Probably goes without saying here, but Kirby created Black Panther. It was also Jackie Robinson Day.

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8 minutes ago, Pattern Ghost said:

Way too young to leave us. Pretty shocking news. He'll be missed. The world is losing out on all of the great work he had ahead of him.



Yeah, last night I was struck by the death of the man, but now I am thinking of the death of the actor.  This is a man who played both Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall and did a great job on both of them.  In the future he might have played Mohammed Ali and Frederick Douglas, and I am certain that given the opportunity he would done a great job with those roles too.  That is a mind blowing amount of talent.


I am at a loss of words.  

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58 minutes ago, slikmar said:

Saw on news today, apparently he did 7 movies after being diagnosed. Fought the battle personally and tried to never let it show in his work or appearances.

The physical struggle required for that is practically unimaginable. I hope his soul has found rest at last.


When I saw the note on Facebook for the first time, I was positive it was a cruel hoax. So I went to CNN and, yes, it was real. To think that he was so sick while filming Black Panther -- that sort of determination just boggles the mind.


The Strat-o-Matic and Action PC Sports forums I post to should be interesting because of Boseman's role as Jackie Robinson in 42.


One other note: when I took my mom to see Guardians of the Galaxy (she hated it, by the way) she was astonished to find really good actors like John C. Reilly and Glenn Close in a superhero film. She thought they were "slumming" and taking the role just for the paycheck. When she was growing up, superhero films were non-existent and science fiction movies were the realm of actors desperate to have a career at all or playing our the last sad chapter of storied careers. I couldn't figure out how to explain to her that the environment for movie-making has changed and actors actually enjoy making these films. Although I can't even begin to imagine the suffering Boseman endured to make his Marvel films, the fact that someone of his caliber is now best remembered for a superhero movie -- brilliant though Black Panther is -- must be astonishing to her.


This is devastating, not just to superhero film but to film in general. Who can imagine what he could have done in the future?

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52 minutes ago, Starlord said:


Apparently, fans are petitioning Disney not to recast and pass the mantle to Shuri.


I expect Marvel/Disney will take some time to figure out how to deal with this development. Fan emotions can change over time. I'm also pretty confident Marvel management knew about Boseman's health issues and were already brainstorming contingencies before his death.

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