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The 2020-21 College Football Thread

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I didn't think we'd have a college football season this fall. We still may not, at least not a full season. But last night, there was a single Week 0 game--televised by ESPN, no less--between Central Arkansas and Austin Peay.


What we learned from Central Arkansas' dramatic, surreal season-opening win over Austin Peay


So here we go.



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There are a few games, not many.  2 Thursday;  6 yesterday, one Monday night. 


And if you want more reason why...



Fine, probably mostly from the contact tracing, but when you've got everyone contracted into a bubble, that's going to happen too.  



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BYU/Army has been postponed due to "a small number" of positive COVID tests among the Cougars. Both teams have an open date on Nov. 28th, so the game could be replayed then.


BYU's home opener against Troy on September 26th is still on schedule, but only 6000 fans (about 10% of capacity) will be allowed in LaVell Edwards Stadium.

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8 hours ago, Pariah said:

Now, will the PAC follow suit?


They can't if California and Oregon state governments don't release the restrictions.

Overall, tho...anyone else notice several teams are questioning whether they can play...or outright cancelling?  Already?  Just flashed that Penn State has 50 positive tests among its athletes...about 1 in 15 of them.  Ohhhhh but they're gonna continue to push to play!!!!  Couple other schools have reported a fair number of cases in the football program and that's led to question marks about continuing.  Several games have been cancelled, or at least postponed for several weeks.


What the Big 10 did was fold under pressure, as neatly and completely as the Clippers did.

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Tulane was up 24-0 on Navy just a few minutes ago. Now, after three touchdowns, a safety, and a two-point conversion, it's a tie game.


I knew Navy was a better team than what they showed in the opener against BYU.

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41 minutes ago, Pariah said:

Be careful what you wish for, I guess.


Nebraska finally got what it wanted, and it's still unhappy


They still think they're a pinnacle program...one of the top 5-10 in the country where the only step up is the NFL.  Under Tom Osborne, yes.  Since 2002, they've managed *1* top 15 finish in the polls.  16 straight seasons with at least 4 losses.  Missed out on ANY bowl 5 times...with the insane number of games and seriously lax qualification.  Right now they're just another also-ran Power 5 program.


Did the conference punish them for their complaints?  We'll never know.  If so, well of course it was wrong, vicious, and petty.  But hey, so was Nebraska's threat.

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