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Entangle in a Multipower

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Hi all


One of my players has purchased Entangle in a Multipower slot. When he uses it, what happens on the following Phase? Is that slot now unavailable while the Entangle is in effect (given that Entangle doesn't require anything to maintain it, ie: handcuffs)? Or are those reserve points locked until the Entangle ends?


i suspect it's the former, but I wasn't sure ...




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A normal Entangle does not repair itself.  A Constant Entangle does;  long as the attacker is paying the END, he gets an opportunity to re-roll the dice to determine the Body.  So even if the target's breakout attempt *almost* got him out...too bad, so sad.  If the attacker acts before the target, Entangle's back to full Body.  



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Here's my dilemma. A character has gravity based powers, which he wants to use to bind someone (Entangle) in gravitational force. That makes sense to me, but what doesn't make sense is that the gravitational effect lasts forever. I also see no suggestion that an Entangle can be turned off at will by the Entangler (as an Instant power, once it's there, it's there), so in this example, the character can't release anyone they've captured.


That's not how I, or he, sees the power working, but I struggle to see how to build it correctly. It needs to dissipate in time or when the character no longer wants it. I thought about making it Susceptible to "being in existence" so it damages itself every few minutes, but that feels odd.

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Entangles, like Ice Entangles or webbing, can dissipate at a rate set by the GM. The I e one example is that it melts away in an hour. 

For the Entangle to stop working by the Player, there is an Advantage called Dismissible.  If you are using a Rule set that doesn’t have this Advantage, that’s easy as then just “create“ it and add it in. Iirc the Advantage is a 1/2.

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Just as some side ideas for you if you don't like the entangle idea:


You could also create it as a gravitational effect as:

  1. Strength Drain and/or Movement Drain, can also be treated as a suppress.  
  2. TK only to force things down
  3. Change environment
  4. Mind Control vs. Strength (Ok, this requires a bit of leeway from your GM but I would think they should be okay with it given Mind Control vs Con exists and people tend to have higher Strengths).
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