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Campaign Wiki: Post in Any Edition

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Post in ANY edition. Just indicate which edition it is.


The wiki is mostly just a place to post a whole bunch of characters. That's 99% it. I just saw a lot of people posting great characters on this forum and thought that, if only it were cataloged, people who have never played Champions could see just how amazing it is. It will draw new people in to the system, I'm certain. Which will bring in more players, more money for the property, leading to higher-quality publications. And, most importantly, it will be super-easy to host a tabletop game because everyone will be playing it!


As it stands, it's a big hassle to try to wrangle a bunch of characters together by doing searches on the forum. Wouldn't it be nice if all of that stuff was put together, like in Enemies or the Handbook of the Marvel Universe? (Answer: Yes!) :)


So, post a character here, on this thread, or post it on the wiki. To post on the wiki, just click on "Add new page" and paste your character. I can patch it into the right place afterwards--I'll see it.


PS: People keep hinting that there needs to be a template. That's in the works. But for now, post what you got.

For a template-in-the-works, see https://championsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Blastforce


PPS: Try to do a pic in Fabrica de Herois (FH Animated)







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