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What’s Going On With Steve Long?

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On 9/14/2020 at 4:28 PM, Greywind said:

With the changes to his old Q&A forum maybe he retired.


I haven’t looked in there for a while, so I didn’t know it changed.


if he retired, I thought there would be some sort of official announcement.

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When Steve started that sub-forum, I believe he was Hero's full-time employee in overall charge of the rules.  Now, he has to earn an income somewhere else, so it's not surprising the Rules Q board could not stay a priority.  The game companies with way more full-time staff do not, to my knowledge, have anything similar.

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Sorry about the delays, folks. Partly it relates to some health matters and other real life causes for delay, partly it relates to me being lazy, partly it relates to what Hugh pointed out -- since I don't work full time for Hero/DOJ anymore, sometimes other things ambush me and take priority. But I'm working out some things, and Jason and I have figured out an arrangement that will give me the ability to answer rules questions on a regular basis. First I will have to clear out the backlog and delete all responses from other people, but that's what I get for taking so long.

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I think it's important for everyone (maybe Steve Long most of all) to consider just how unusual that Q&A Forum is.  I don't believe that even the biggest players, like D&D or Pathfinder, make their top staff available to answer any and every rules question someone wants to post.  Those games have a lot more resources backing them than Hero does.


This is not "something Hero has to do to be in the game", it is a value-added which exceeds the norm - maybe someone else is aware of some other games that do this, but I doubt there are many, even if there are some.


It was only notable by its absence because we have been spoiled by its presence.

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