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The 2020 Monsters Versus Alien Superdraft


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For this month, we are going to set up to run an invasion story. Only this time instead of being opposed by humanity, it is up to the monsters to oppose the evil oppressors of Earthlings. 


The first thing you need is a base of operations and a sponsoring organization for your monsters


The next things you will need in no particular order is a five monster team of monsters

1) The Big Guy

2) The Brain

3) The Shapeshifter

4) The Historical Relic

5) The Leader (who can be the token human on the team.)


One Alien


Three optional choices for weapons, other monsters, other aliens, particular humans


While some monsters can be a shapeshifting superstrong ancient brainiac leader in one package like Dracula, let's try to use the one quality that fits for each slot picked. Monsters don't have to be named like Dracula, but any type that is picked is off the table. So if someone picked vampire, then vampires are off the table.


We'll start on the 7th which is Monday, at high noon EST.



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It's a form of competitive fanfiction. Each player attempts to assemble a cast of characters to meet the requirements of the draft. Each day at or after the designated hour (noon EDT, in this case), you make one selection. There are limitations on what choices you can make and when, e.g., in this draft, your first choice must be a location (which is the case in most drafts, as it turns out) and a sponsoring organization. Each day thereafter, you make one pick to fill the remaining required slots. 


The thing that makes it interesting is that other players are doing the same thing at the same time. It is almost inevitable that someone else will choose a character that you had wanted. This is known as 'sniping', and it forces you to think on your feet. 


As you make your draft picks, you may add explanations or stories as you see fit. This is not required, but it may help you for the final phase (see below).


At the end, the player running the draft posts a poll. People vote for who they thought assembled the best, most interesting, or most deserving cast of characters. Winners get bragging rights...until the next one.


Does that help?

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