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Limiting Prescence


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One of my players is playing a Troll who has a high PRE, but wants to use it for intimidation and bullying people.  I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to limit this characteristic.  How can it be limited for using skills such as conversation, charm and such (because he admittedly isn't good at these).  Is there a specific limit?  How would you see this character being limited in those situations. 

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  In my opinion the big presence of a troll is for make presence attack only .... A troll has nothing charming or nothing very tempting to want to converse with. So Charm or conversation or High Society does not work with his presence on the contrary.


Troll presence +15 (Only to make presence attack -1) real cost 8





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Would also depend on who he is interacting with.

Being a big, powerful troll might be a good thing when trying to Charm a lady Troll or have a Conversation with another troll or a goblin or Orc or a dragon. So I say keep it as is, and take a complication or other "limitation" so that it is not as effective with those skills vs Humans and other "delicate" species. 

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