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Atlantaverse: Teen Champions tarting this weekend

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My main Champions game is 14 years old now and I call it the Atlantaverse. We have a nice mainly Silver Age high point Superhero team in Atlanta; a group of mystics in Vibora bay; three vigilantes in Hudson City; 4 pulp heroes in the 1930's; and low-point heroes in San Mateo.
This weekend I am adding three Teen Champion in a High School in Atlanta.

300 pts

No skill *purchased* above 12-

only 1 power up to 50 active; other powers no more than 30 active

Social Limitation: Legal Minor and Social Complication: High School Student for 0 points

no Public IDs

They have made-

TechnoShaman: Spirit follower, and a VPP with strict limits he can only modify a limited number of times a month. 
Brain Drain: Can Drain Intelligence at range

Guardian Scout: a low-level trainee in the Guardians of the Universe - essentially a starting Brick.


They will have the usual bank robbers, etc. to start and I have made a villain for their first arc

MasterMind - the grown son of a former henchman to a supervillain MasterMind has recruited various criminals to work for him and has a few bits of super-tech his father looted from various battles and supervillain vaults. He is running what amounts to a dime-store amateur VIPER and his dream is to be the biggest supervillain in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. But I think he will let me get the players eased into their power level.
I am hoping for suggestions for one-shot villains similar to the silver age stuff Spider man used to face, please.

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On 9/2/2020 at 2:13 PM, pinecone said:

A student at their school starts playing "hookie". It becomes clear that a new super thief is opperating during those time, Mystery, intervention, etc drama follows.

And of course they will eventually go straight -- sort of -- and join the team. I wonder if you could give that character to an experienced player on the assumption that they are going to be in the game long-term.


The platonic ideal of that trope, of course, is Catwoman. And a good example of how she can thwart a supervillain can be found here -- it's a comedic version, but the statement holds and I love this take on Catwoman.




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