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Naked strength limitations

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A player is making a Troll character that can have a +35 STR.  He moved it to 35, thus giving him 7D6 damage and also 7 END each punch.  He was wondering if there is anyway to limit this END cost?  It is naked STR and not bought as a Power.   I told him I didn't think so, but thought I would ask the forum.

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Note that you can also buy STR as a "power" and it doesn't matter.  A "power" doesn't need to have a source.


For supers, I'll quite often buy STR, Running, and Leap to 0 on the Characteristics section, then include them in as "powers."  With STR, generally it's not as important but it reads easier.  With Running and Leap, I'm often including adders and advantages (Reduced End if nothing else), so again, it's cleaner to see what I'm doing, and what the final END cost will be.  


6E calls what Amorcka is talking about, a Naked Advantage, since there's no implicit structure to put advantages and limitations on Characteristics.  


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I don’t think that’s naked strength, just characteristic strength. I’m quibbling, but Naked has a specific sub-function which escapes me because IDHMBIFOM. That said, what everyone else posted is correct. The other way to go about it is to have an END Battery “only for feats of strength.” END is cheap. However.


I would also submit it may make the most sense, campaign/game wise, to not change a thing. It’s a Troll. Buy up the strength characteristic, and then buy up END to whatever the Troll Characteristic Maxima is, since it’s likely over 50. Call it 75 or 100 or whatever is appropriate and off you go. Consider that historically, Trolls aren’t fast; odds are good its Speed is going to cap at 4. So even swinging twice per round, 14 END per swing, 40... 16.... 56? Max in a turn? Before REC? Even Trolls have to resource manage. I would want to understand the goal; is it to not resource manage, or is it to feel “troll like” in strength and application? Because a high END and REC can do wonders for that.

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The str isn't naked the reduced end is.

So 10 (base) + 10 (max*) + 15 (over) will equel 40pts.

[0+10+30]. To get the full limitation you have to put it on all of the str, not just the extra so 35*1.25=43/35*1.5=52.  So all in all your spending 83-92pts on STR alone.


* = This is taking the fact that cost is double over 20 as usual in heroic games.

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I guess one question is, should he? I guess it depends on how powerful and supernatural you want trolls to be. I would see it as a balancing factor. He can buy up his END and recovery. And he doesn't always have to use full strength; at the end of the round, why not use just 25 Strength and Haymaker?

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