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To Serve and Protect


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To Serve and Protect is the next book I will comment on. 


The premise is simple.  A hero group (the Protectors) get a hold of a mystical pendant that changes each member after they touch the pendant. 


The go from a group that captures villains into true killing vigilantes.   The now desire to "purify" the earth by destroying all evil.   Even if it means destroying everything else as well.


Now there are a few unanswered problems in this book.  First, it is obvious it is not a mental attack,  but rather a transformation attack.   This is obvious as one of the Protectors is a mentalist.


But the book doesn't tell you how many d6 the attack is.   Plus there is a good chance that the player's characters will be affected (by just touching it)


It also doesn't mention how to change people back.  Many players may not mind playing a vigilante but most don't want it to be permanent.  Obviously just talking to the infected doesn't work. 


So, options...

You could have the pendant have only 12 charges.   This would be enough for all the members of the Protectors plus a few scientists (3rd section)


But either way there should be a way out of that mental state.   A different pendant they must find, a ritual to perform,  magic, and other options as well. 


You could even have the characters be able to be talked out of it.  Maybe an attack that knocks them out sets them straight.   That is up to the GM, but should be challenging for the player's characters.   


I do wish they had addressed this,  but alas,  what can you do?  That's all for now. 

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