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Star Hero Complete ?


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Now that we have Champions Complete and Fantasy Hero Complete, is it time for Star Hero Complete? 


My gaming group is starting a GURPS 3rd edition Space Opera campaign and even though I and the GM are GURPS players from the 90s, I'd prefer if we were playing with Star Hero. However, I know the entry point is monumental (HERO System 6E volumes 1 & 2 + Star Hero 6E are the essential basic books) for a GM that has a lot invested in the GURPS system. So my next thought is whether a Star Hero Complete is sensible. I think it would help sell the HERO system as an alternative to GURPS for a cinematic space opera RPG (150-point GURPS player characters). Hero has the cinematic mode built in from the start, while GURPS is based in realism.  So, help me Star Hero Complete, you're my only hope!

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@Chris Goodwin Thanks for pointing me to an early edition that is complete in itself. The one thing that I like about 6E is the change to non-Figured Characteristics. But, I can live with it for a complete book. Unfortunately, for this specific GURPS sci-fi campaign the GM is stuck on using GURPS because he has many GURPS worldbooks to draw from (Ultra-Tech, Psionics, Aliens, etc.), so proposing HERO System will be for naught. Now, when I eventually run a sci-fi RPG I can use HERO and will look at Star Hero 3E. The players will be inclined to play since the single book is not cost prohibited. 

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I have a huge collection of GURPS 3rd edition books too and I'd definitely use them to convert to Champions Complete. No problem for when I run a Star Hero campaign. For the current game that is kicking off the GM wouldn't go that route. He's stuck on GURPS and only played HERO in a short swords and sorcery fantasy campaign using the Valdorian Age setting book.

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I, too, -- well, I _once_ had a large pile of GURPS books (3e preferred).  Eventually I unloaded all of them, keeping only Old West.


There are a couple of Space ones I wish I had kept (I'm not a real whiz at orbital mechanics, and every once in a while, I love me some Atomic Rockets  :D )


I didn't have all.  I didn't have _half_.  I think I had maybe 2 dozen, total.  But I can say that all of them were packed full of information, reasonably-well laid out, and possibly some of the best info-dumps of any game books on the market, before, then, or today.

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