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[Speedster Tricks] Newton's Nausea?


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Well, I'd work to first define what you want Nausea to be in this case. As much as I enjoy attacks to someone's Equilibrium, it's hard to represent that super easily. 

I am gonna write it up as a Drain though. Why? Nausea induced by spinning, and other sort of stomach ills like that seem to fade pretty quickly personally. What to drain though? Well, that depends on what you are aiming for with that Nausea.

Personally? I'd write it up as a Drain Movement Powers. If my vision is spinning and my stomach rebelling, I ain't going nowhere. Something along the lines of...

Staggering and Stumbling: Drain: 4d6, Enhanced Effect: Movement Powers (+1/2 to +1), No Range (-1/2)
Other limitations as you please. 

If you are aiming for them to be staggering around and not able to act effectively, I'd say you're probably looking at a Flash to a Targeting Sense. Both as it limits their ability to defend themselves and attack, and their senses are clearly rattled. So likely sight and possibly touch? So...

Dizzy and Confused: Flash 5d6, Sight and Touch, No Range (-1/2)
Other limitations as you please.


Those are the only two that really come to mind.

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I'd go with something combining the above.


Change Environment
[4] -1 to DEX rolls and all rolls based on DEX
[9] -3 to CON rolls
[4] Long Lasting: 1 Turn
[3] -1 PER rolls
20 points
No Range (-1/2)
No effect versus those with Acrobatics, Teleportation, EDM, FTL (-1/2) 
10 RP


Flash 3d6 Sight
NND: Not versus those with Acrobatics, Teleportation, EDM, FTL (+0)
[15 AP]
No Range (-1/2)
Linked to CE (-1/2)
7 RP

Total: 17 RP


Effect is that unless you have one of the stated defenses, you take a 3d6 Sight Flash and for the next turn you have to make a CON roll at -3 to remain standing. If you fail, you fall. If you don't have the defenses, you suffer -3 to all CON rolls, -1 to DEX rolls and associated skills as well as -1 PER. Talk to your GM about whether the defenses are common enough to qualify in your campaign, but generally having a 3 point skill would qualify.


- E 

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