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How to build a storm.

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A player would like to build a power that creates a windstorm around him that makes him and his friends more difficult to hit.

I would like this power to have more than one level so he can buy more powerful versions later on.

I know that storms can give muscle powered ranged weapons -2 to hit and that would be pretty balanced but change enviroment is insanly costly and since he would like to have this as storm around him and his friends I dont know its worth the cost. Especally since force wall are so much cheaper.

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Well to affect the people shooting the change environment would need to be large enough to cover them right? Or is it enough to to just buy eight meter radius (four inch hexes) around them for the minus to hit on shots to have effect, since the missiles goes into the windstorm? Or is that cheesy?

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1 hour ago, Ninja-Bear said:

I figured you were having the storm around the PC’s . Also is -2 based on windy conditions. Iow does the book suggest that in windy conditions archers should suffer a -2 OCV- an environmental condition? Cause then you should be able to raise the local wind level and that condition should kick in.  See the GM.

Yes the storm is going to be eight meters around the pc's if I that is fair to put the minus to hit on arrows coming in to it. The minus 2 was a bit much I double checked and it said -1. But I think I am going to go with -2. And I am the GM lol! I think I might have been wrong thinking that the change enviroment cost should pay for covering the shooters as well as those that are shot at.

1 hour ago, ChaosDrgn said:

Change Environment for both wind level and a negative to ocv, area of effect:  radius.  You could link telekinesis to it as well depending on effect.

Oh, may want to add hole in the middle

Yes hole in the middle and tk is coming up on the higher grades of the power. 

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