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Wait, TMNT 3's there? But it's full of such stupid silly moronic moments. A good time for a laugh. Though, less at the movie, and more at the movie. Actually, yeah. Makes sense it wouldn't be received well.

And the "highest" I remember watching was some scene from Underdog. Beyond the fact it exists though, I can't recall it.

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I tried to watch both Punisher movies but didn't make it through 5 minutes.


I got through about 20 minutes of Venom.


Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - saw it all the way through about three times. Partials a few times.

Suicide Squad - saw it about four times and used it as background noise another three times

Ghost Rider - several times

Blade: Trinity - think I saw it once

Green Lantern - saw it 5-6 times. Should have been Nathan Fillion. Some nice visuals in places.

TMNT 3 - once

Dark Phoenix  - not yet, really want to see it but won't pay for it.

TMNT 2014 - once

Judge Dredd - about three times

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - twice

Spawn - Slogged through maybe the first 30 minutes. 

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Maybe four times. It was watchable.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie - no, not interested. The more recent Power Rangers movie wasn't terrible though.

Howard the Duck - once, maybe twice. I remember being hugely disappointed at the lack of snappy dialogue.

Underdog - not yet but I expect I wouldn't make it through the whole movie.

The Spirit - not yet, not very interested

Steel - not yet, would like to see it

The Crow: City of Angels - no. I don't know the mythology of the world and never wanted to learn.

Jonah Hex - twice, not all that bad though not a fan of the character or setting.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace - once, and just to be able to comment on how it killed the series

Batman & Robin - once, how do you screw up Robin? I mean other than starting him off as a 25 year old.

Elecktra - 3 or 4 times, not very good.

Supergirl - once, very forgetable

Catwoman - once

Fantastic Four 2015 - about three times searching desperately for something nice to say about it

Son of the Mask - no. And I'd go out of my way to not watch it.

Zoom - 3 or 4 times

Max Steel - barely aware this exists. I'd watch it if it was on.


Between insomnia and migraines bad enough so that I can't read, I watch a lot of TV.


So I've seen 25 and I haven't seen six.

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     Fan4tastic Four.  Written and directed by men who said they don’t like and don’t read Comic Books.  And it shows.

      Take one of the most upbeat books and concepts around. “A family explores the unknown for science and adventure.”   Now turn it into body horror, disfunction and BTW keep the group apart until the last ten minutes or so.

For all the beatings the other FF movies have taken at least they were fun. And it’s not like the concept is impossible, the best FF movie yet is The Incredibles. 

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I've seen most.


The Spirit, Jonah Hex, Elektra, ans Son of Mask are indeed horrific.


I like Suicide Squad, both Ghost Riders, and LXG.


I wish that BvS had better writing, that Chris O'Donnell's Robin had been in a better Batman movie, that Dinklage and Warburton had been in a better Underdog movie, that Jayne had a better villain, that Judge Dredd had a better star, 


I haven't seen Dark Phoenix yet, but plan to. I eventually mostly warmed to Apocalypse.


Of the Punishers, my favorite is still Dolph Lundgren's.






Mystery Men is at 61%, and Return of Captain Invincible is at 60%...


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I cannot see the list at all so could someone please list all the films ?



Of the ones people have mentioned I have seen all the Punisher films.

I like the Dolph Punisher the best principally as I saw it after watching Harlem Nights with Richard Pryor and Eddy Murphy. The Punisher film was funnier and more enjoyable.

The Thomas Jane Punisher as Travolta as the villain and it's ok but the murder of the family is too overdone and the family is too big.

Punisher War Zone has Dominic West as the baddy Jigsaw. It also has Mainframe. But Jigsaw getting the gangs together is unconvincing.


Ghost Rider. It has Nic Cage. It's ok.

Similarly Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance.


Blade Trinity. I saw it and it was ok. Wesley was not really trying.


Green Lantern. I saw it and turning Hector Hammond into Parallax was a mistake. Mr Strong as Sinestro had possibilities.


Jonah Hex. It was ok. I like Brolin and Fox.


Batman and Robin. I have no problem with Clooney as Batman. But the imagery went too over the top. It should have worked. I mean Schwarzenegger, Thurman and Silverstone. But it ended up as MEH


TMNT 3. I saw it. I liked it. But I saw the others and got the comics.


I did not see the 2014 version of TMNT until it came on TV and I saw the sequel first. It was kind of east to spot the bad guy as William Fichtner was playing him. And to be honest I would watch it again.


Judge Dredd. I got 2000 AD which he first appeared so I don't like the film. I am assuming that this is the Stallone version. Mixing in the ABC warriors ? No. Taking the helmet off ? No. a love story with Hershey ? Are you nuts ! The Karl Urban one is much closer to the source material and thus better in my less than humble opinion. And it wastes good actors.


The Spirit. It has Samuel L Jackson. It worked for me. I have the DVD.


Suicide Squad. I have the DVD. The Enchantress and brother are a bit lame but the Squad were good. The whole Harley changing in front of everyone was gratuitous. And Leto's Joker could have been completely excised.


League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I have read the comics and liked them. This could have been better. It has Connery. 'Nuff said.


Spawn. I think I have seen it through but the comic is much better.


Catwoman. It's awful. Sharon Stone is good but the rest is dreadful


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THE PUNISHER (2004) I rather liked. I watched it as a revenge movie rather than a superhero movie and it worked well for me.


Venom I liked more than I thought I would. Entertaining dark comedy at times



BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (2016) - I enjoyed aspects but it was a failure. And i really, REALLY don't like Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. I'm not sure what Riddler/Joker pastiche he was hitting, but he was no where near Luthor.  I really don't need to see it again.



Suicide Squad wasn't bad. I rather liked the character of Diablo. Enchantress needed work visually. The visual effects they did on her might look otherworldly bit it also looked silly

Green Lantern should have broke out Mark Strong as Sinestro villain fast. Guy had the chops


CINO (I refuse to call that movie Catwoman) made all the above movies look like OSCAR winners



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Most. never saw Venom, Underdog and don't remember seeing TMNT iii. My bar tends to be lower, I guess, but I liked Spirit and some of the ones people don't like. Fan4stick could have worked if, once again, they hadn't tried to make Dr. Doom the villain. If instead it had been Annihilus they found in the Negative Zone, it would have worked much better.

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11 hours ago, death tribble said:

 could someone please list all the films ?





Well, they're not _that_ good, Sir, 


but I'm with the general crowd:  most of them are a lot better than their reputation.


Above all the others on this list, I think Green Lantern is the most perfect example of this.  It catches a lot of flak, but it wasn't that bad.  It was, for the most part, an enjoyable movie.


Reading through the list, it seems that too many people go in to see "a superhero movie," without any actual understanding of who that particular hero is, what his setting is like, and what he does within it.


Everything sucks if you've got the wrong context.



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I've seen all of these. Many of the fall into the "mostly bad, but with some good elements". Green Lantern for example. Mark Strong was great as Sinestro. The 2015 Fantastic Four movie was garbage. They didn't get the source material at all....and once again....they can't get Doom right. Suicide Squad had potential, but went way off the rails (kind of the MO for most DC movies to be honest).


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2 hours ago, Dr. MID-Nite said:

I've seen all of these. Many of the fall into the "mostly bad, but with some good elements". Green Lantern for example. Mark Strong was great as Sinestro. The 2015 Fantastic Four movie was garbage. They didn't get the source material at all....and once again....they can't get Doom right. Suicide Squad had potential, but went way off the rails (kind of the MO for most DC movies to be honest).


The thing with the FF movie from 2015 is this : It shouldn't have been Doom other then maybe messing with the project, but not the "powered" villain at the end, should have been Annihilus or even Blastaar (you know, a villain from the Negative Universe), but as to the setting, it was really more based on the Millenium reboot (much like the Avengers, Spiderman, etc) versions of the characters, not the original space explorers, so they weren't as far off as you might think.

SS problem was starting with the Snyderverse, deciding it should be funnier or something and corporate stepping in and revising everything apparently. It really is 2 movies trying to be 1. I look forward to Gunn's interpretation and attempt to fix it.

Green Lantern is almost fine except they should never have done Parallax (should have just left the main villain as Hammond) and its not Hal Jordan's personality, it is much closer to Kyle Raynor, so if they had just done Kyle, probably would have been better and he is more fun visually anyway.

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Absolute worst "superhero" movie I ever saw was Fearless Frank from 1967, Jon Voight's first film role. But I'm pretty certain it was made that way deliberately, as a "so bad it's good" type picture (whether it falls in that category for you is of course subjective). Part satire, part farce, part art film, and part Sixties psychedelia, it probably could only have been made during that decade. I found a website which has the complete film for free viewing, but you should only watch it if you're in a MST3000 mood (and some of the popup adds may be NSFW). https://lookmovie.ag/movies/view/0061654-fearless-frank-1967

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What?  Condorman isn't on this list?  Or Pumaman?  Or Supersonic Man?   Or any of the Turkish or Indian adaptations of Superman?  Or Rat Pfink a BooBoo?   (I'll let you look those up for yourselves.)


I've seen a number of movies on this list--many of them, like Green Lantern, are not bad--they just aren't the groundbreaking movies that were Ricard Donner's Superman, or Tim Burton's Batman, or Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, or Bryan Singer's X-Men, or any of the MCU movies up to and including The Avengers.  Those set a really high bar for moviemakers to vault over, and not all of them make it.  Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is one that does;  the MCU version of Spider-Man--not so much.


For myself, I'd like to see even more superhero movies and TV series, and not just DC and Marvel.  Sylvester Stallone has a movie coming out next year called Samaritan--no relation to the Astro City character, apparently.  The downside to there being more superhero movies and TV is we get more stuff like Brightburn and The Boys, made by people who hate superheroes.

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