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Fast Draw and movement?

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I am working on a setting and fleshing out some NPC's. One of them is a spell caster that tends to be very mobile but has a relatively low dexterity score. I would like for her to be able to move and cast (two things she has practiced extensively) before she would otherwise act. I have this bought as:


2  +6 Lightning Reflexes: Spells
1  +5 Lightning Reflexes: Running

Basically, considering spells to be a large group and running to be a single action.


Thoughts on this implementation? I think some people assume that if you have the LR and are using the attack that has the LR that you can half move with it, but I have never really played it that was as I saw it more as a traditional "quick on the draw" type of power. I realize she will be slightly slower if he wants to move first but I see that as reasonable and probably even fitting.


- E

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The way I see how you've described this, it would allow you to cast before you can move.  If we assume your base DEX was 15, then you'd cast at DEX 21, but move at DEX 20.  So if you wanted to half-move and cast, you'd do that at DEX 20.  


You wouldn't be able to half-move and cast on DEX 21.  You would be able to cast any 0 Phase spells at DEX 21, and then half-move and attack with an attack spell on 20, but if you were attacking with a non-spell, you'd half-move on 20, then attack with your non-spell at 15.  


Even more esoterically, activating a Power, including a Movement Power, is a 0 Phase Action, but the movement itself takes time.  So you could theoretically cast some sort of Running hastening spell at DEX 21, but you still wouldn't be able to use it for movement until DEX 20, though on DEX 20 you'd be able to move at the increased rate.  


Does Lightning Reflexes for spells allow you to attack at the alternate DEX?  Is it LR for casting, or LR for casting and attacking with spells?  Also note that if it does include attacking, this combination wouldn't let you move at DEX 20 after casting and attacking with a spell at DEX 21.  And if it doesn't include attacking, you could cast at 21, move at 20, then attack with your cast spell at 15.  

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Yep, that agrees with what I was thinking, Chris, there was just not an even breakpoint for the large group versus single action. I am fine with her starting her turn at Dex+5 if she wants to move. 


To your question on whether LR allows attacks at the higher Dex, as far as I know it's the only thing that allows you to act faster besides buying up your DEX. Here is the definition at the back of 6E1:



Lightning Reflexes: +1 or more points of DEX with the Limitation Only To Act First In A Phase (-1), plus an additional -1 to -3 Limitation representing how few Actions the extra DEX applies to.


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