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The Greatest Voice In the History of Rock Music


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6 minutes ago, Cygnia said:

How are we defining "rock"?


    And how are we defining “best”?  Janis Joplin and Johnny Cash both had voices that could tear your heart out on a sad song but neither were exactly rich melodious songbirds.

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1 hour ago, Old Man said:

Loosely, if Karen Carpenter is in there. Though she was a great vocalist. 

She beat out John Bonham for Drummer of the Year one year.  Bonzo once confronted her and said she couldn't even last through one Zep song.  So she sat down and knocked out three in a row.

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2 hours ago, Bazza said:

Paul Rodgers. 


John Mellencamp called Rodgers 'the best rock singer ever', while Freddie Mercury himself was a fan of Rodgers and his aggressive style of singing.


https://books.google.com.au/books?id=OR4h_dORXcUC&pg=PA65&dq=mellencamp+paul+rodgers&redir_esc=y&hl=en#v=onepage&q=mellencamp paul rodgers&f=false




Here’s Why Paul Rodgers Is Called ‘The Voice’



“Everyone knows that Paul Rodgers is one of the greatest singers in the world. What they are only just waking up to is that there may never be another like him.”
– Mick Wall Classic Rock Magazine




2018, 46 years later, losing nothing


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When you get to these kinds of rankings, it's sometimes hard to separate the singer from the band, and/or from the style.


For emoting, Roy Orbison.  Huge bonus points for clarity and smoothness.  Honorable mention to Eddie Vedder, even if his emotion is generally rather negative.  


For flair, Freddy.  If ya wanna argue James Brown...perhaps, but I prefer Freddy's style, as well as the style of the period.  


Among the power singers, I'd have to go with Steve Perry.  


Edit:  for breadth, power, style...Bono.  LOVE Edge's guitar work but Bono's the one that caught me first...which is backwards from, say, Van Halen, where it's Eddie's guitar.

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