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Doing a two shot adventure, need some help.


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So the two shot went off and it was epic.  I have never run Hero with firearms so it was a little slow, but it didn't take long for it to get crazy.  The soldiers were on R&R at a Juarez off-track dog betting parlor.  They were partying and getting into pushing and shoving matches.  During the night they popped a pill and next they know blackout.  They woke up and everyone was dead, there was blood all over their hands and defensive wounds on their arms.


The smell was getting bad, indicating they had been here for a few days and when they heard sirens.  Then this man with tatoo's all over his face comes walking in the back door.  During this time the party starts searching the room looking for weapons and finds a prescription bottle on one of the dead men and a strange religious symbol on all the dead men.  Then all hell broke loose as the ninja's jumped down from the ceiling.  They used their commando training to fight off the ninjas and the tattooed man threw a stun grenade.


The tattooed man explains that a Deacon had tipped the men off to unusual activity in and out of the church's private cemetery.  As they enter the church they find deacon dead with a throwing dagger in his throat, actually a perfect shot.  Then a black armored assassin with katanas jumps down and kicks the snot out of the party.  Only due to the luck of one player and the church getting riddled with bullets they stumble down some stairs.  They escape to the mausoleum and find a secret door, there is also a computer panel which they shoot instead of using.


They get found out from above and have a fire fight with the soldiers friends they killed in the off-track betting parlor.  They bust into the secret door which has an elevator and leads four stories into the ground.  They sneak in and knock out two guards who are wearing red masks.  In the hold underneath is a huge drug lab and distribution center.  They remember the pill bottle and put two and two together.  They actually use a computer and find these to be legal drugs, but luck (3 6's) once again comes through and they find two different pills.  A black light in a drawer show's them the truth.


These they deduce are knock out pills so they take a bunch out of the bottles.  This is huge so they believe they are being used to capture sex slaves (no idea where Socrates and Plato came up with this).  With these pills in hand they hear some noise and see soldiers.  They sneak out and decide to liquify the pills to be used on the enemy!  They spend a week doing this and beat up some Mexican Pharmacists to make this happen.  


With this bold belief that they can knockout their enemy, they put the formula into smoke grenades and find out about where the assassin and ninja fortress is.  They sneak in and throw the grenades into the compound and are amazed at how the ninjas find them exactly and shoot them up easily.  The pills when taken together cause the next action to be perfect thus, perfect perception, stealth and aiming.  After binding the party the side effects kick in and the party get's to watch the blood rage of the ninja's kill each other.


On one of the log's they seen names for a local police investigator and the local alderman in Juarez.  They are pretty pissed and go hunting down the local police investigator.  After some shoot ups and running on roof tops (one player fell through a roof into a cock-fight and placed a bet before leaving) they capture the cop.  They cop is fat, sweaty and out of breath and he tells them about the Lady Alderman.  As they are walking out he pops two pills and the turn and shoot him thinking they were the pills.  Turns out it was heart medicine, they got a chuckle out of that as they are a little paranoid.


The final fight is on a hill in a decrepit old stone building.  The Lady Alderman is waiting with some ninjas and a fight ensues, they miss a luck roll and are pretty beat up.  They remember they have one grenade left and let it go on themselves and kill the Lady Alderman.  They then turn into rage monsters and attack each other.  They are happy about this as they have been poking at each other the whole night about who is better (I made them exactly the same characters).  So they fight it out and one kills the other, but due to the rage after they die they turn into zombies and he rises and kills the one that killed him.


The end.  I had so much fun with this and really appreciate all the help.  I told the party that this forum created the adventure and they want to do it again.   I will start something soon, but thank you so much.





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