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What skills would these be

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I am starting a Pendragon based campaign and want to use some of the skills from there and convert to Hero.  What would the skills below convert to in Hero in your campaign, don't worry about drilling down into the what for and if then's.  Any help would be appreciated.








Play Musical Instrument






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All of this is based on my opinion/experience building characters for a long time, not on the books

  • Hunting - Depends on if you mean someone who makes their living hunting or what the nobles called hunting. 
    • If it is the 1st then it is a set of skills - tracking, stealth, survival (appropriate environments), knowledge skill about plants and fauna, appropriate skills with hunting weapons (bow, spear, etc) and maybe a professional skill hunter
    • 2nd type is maybe survival and appropriate skills with hunting weapons (bow, spear, etc)
  • Tourney/Compose/Dancing - knowledge skills maybe based on a characteristic
  • Falconry - Animal husbandry
  • Flirting - Charm
  • Heraldry - High Society
  • Read - literacy for the appropriate language
  • Play Musical Instrument - there is a specific skill for that with a list of instruments.  It is like weapons familiarity
  • Battle - No idea what this is
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Compose - likely this is PS: Writing

Dancing - PS: Dancing

Falconry - Animal Handler and if you're using focused skills it's with raptors. If this is a particular specialty of your character, Skill Level: +1 with Animal Handler, KS: Falconry and PS: Falconer

Flirting - Conversation, Charm if you're willing to go all the way. Maybe better as a talent, +5 PR, only for flirting Presence Attacks

Heraldry - in a Pendragon context, High Society covers this to some extent, KS: Heraldry for a specialist

Hunting - Tracking, and at least Familiarity with Survival

Play Musical Instrument - PS: Musical instrument

Read - just part of the languages rules

Tourney - in a Pendragon context, High Society covers the basics, the rest would be covered by KS: Chivalric martial arts

Battle - Tactcs, Teamwork

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