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Crits and such

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6 hours ago, Chris Goodwin said:

I've thought of different ideas for crits.  Like, choose from one of the following:

  • Maximum damage (the default)
  • Choice of hit location
  • Ignore some armor (maybe half, maybe all)
  • Automatic impairing or disabling wound (making it an actual "critical hit" -- hitting something critical to the functioning of the opponent)
  • Some other choice for the player (eye shot?  Cut off arm?)
  • Luck roll (also triggering target's Unluck)


Very cool Chris!

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Our critical hits system worked like this:


You rolled to hit.  If you rolled natural 3 or hit by double or more the DCV you needed (say, you needed to hit a 5 and hit an 11) then you got a crit.


A critical hit was a choice between max damage for your weapon, or choose the location you hit.


After a while, players stopped bothering with it, maybe it was just my group but people just didn't care for crits.


As for different kinds of attacks, I think it works best to hard wire those into the weapons rather than armor or fancy builds.  For example, in my FH setting, swords have +1 OCV (lots of surface to hit with, easy for beginners), Hammers do +1 stun multiple, Axes do +1 DC damage, Flails have +1 OCV vs shields (reach around) etc.  Doing this helps build in the effect every time the weapon is used, so you don't need a huge chart or list of different effects to use.

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9 hours ago, Christopher R Taylor said:


After a while, players stopped bothering with it, maybe it was just my group but people just didn't care for crits.


Must be your group. (Nothing wrong of course but definitely a ymmv thing). I was thinking tough yesterday when we played why perhaps it hasn’t gotten stale with us? One thing is we don’t get to play very often even before coronavirus. Another though is perhaps the way the group interacts with the almost exits and fumbles. As in two ones and another number or two sixes and another number. We hoop and holler with exclamations of “argggh! I almost got 3 ones.” Or the loud sigh of relief of “ whew! I just missed getting pooched!”.  Maybe it’s the cackle of delight from the GM that keeps things interesting in our group. What ever “it” is, it’s why I like ttrp with a good group of friends. You can’t get that shared group experience from a computer.

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