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Superhero Miniatures with Champions

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Good news!   Got the rabbit ear back!    Bad news!   He yakked it up on the hood of the truck....

The most honest review I can pull off of the Hero Forge printed-in-color miniatures:      

I mostly use HeroClix and occasionally HorrorClix figures, along with Reaper miniatures for foes/minions. Since the Champions games I run are at conventions, players arrive and use the pre-generated c

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On 10/17/2020 at 3:42 PM, Ninja-Bear said:

Have checked Drive Thru RPG? They had an assortment last I checked.


Yup. Okumarts has the best printable figures IMHO. But I'd like to see a nice box set with sturdy cardboard figures (much like the Pathfinder Pawns style).


On 10/17/2020 at 7:39 PM, Greywind said:

I'm surprised Sketch isn't making them to sell, him being an artist and all.


I've honestly considered it. But a lot of it comes down to what I want them to look like. 

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We always used Cardboard Heroes from Steve Jackson Games. There was a series of superhero figures that included "normals" as well, mostly cops and thugs, but also scientists, etc. We used these on Chessex Battlemats for all our combats. I still have all my Cardboard Heroes...hundreds of them, most of them still uncut because they are fantasy figures and they didn't really fit into our Champions campaigns for the most part. But the sci-fi themed ones were often very useful.

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22 hours ago, Greywind said:

You want them to look like money flowing into your bank account.


I don't know about that, @Greywind. It's more about what I'd want the Pawns to look like. For those unfamiliar with them, here's what they look like without bases attached. Easy to store. Could really easily build an army or group. 




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@Ninja-Bear The images of the unpainted Old Glory miniatures are just OK. They could just be bad photos, slightly out of focus. The painted ones are pretty good. IME, a good paint job on a mediocre miniature can make it look fantastic. I prefer metal miniatures over the inexpensive plastic ones that are being produced these days. I've painted a few of the WizKids unpainted plastic miniatures being produced for D&D and Pathfinder and had good results from from brush. I'm not the greatest painter, and there are some features on the WizKids miniatures, such as noses or brows that are not fully rendered in the plastic miniatures, but with a little patience and a few good brushes you can do wonders.


I'll probably pick up some of the Old Glory superhero miniatures and see how they look in real life.  I noticed that they have two sizes -- a larger than the typical 25-28mm size -- they are 33mm. Wow! That's pretty cool. I also noticed that they have some in 15mm size. I may pick up a few of those to use with the larger ones to represent mini-supers like Marvel's Ant Man.

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On 10/11/2020 at 5:07 PM, borbetomagnus said:

I enjoy painting miniatures, mostly Glorantha figures, but I also have a few superhero miniatures. But...


I've never used them in any superhero RPGs. I'm interested in how you've used miniatures with Champions games. Have they worked well or did their use in-game impede or interrupt the shared theater of the mind feeling of the gaming group?



Always used figures. Before Heroclix came along I used Steve Jackson Cardboard Heroes. Then came the absolutely wonderful Marvel Superheroes Adventure Fold-Up Figures (MHAC-3).


I can't imagine *not* using figures for Champions/Hero System. It's not a Theatre of the Mind game (its essentially a skirmish wargame). I use a 38mm (1 1/2") hex Mondo mat for the Clix and a set of water -soluble pens. If there is a specific 'scene' that a 'Clix map would work for (like a Junkyard or Lab) then I'll use that and get a tape measure out.


With the SJG Cardboard heroes, the old Champions 25mm Flextiles (remember those?!) work very well but they are out of scale with 'Clix. 


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So my friends have been showing me the Hero Forge site, and I confess it was a lot of fun to poke around.  There are ways to make super heroes, if need be. it's a bit clunky , but the 2.0 interface makes if fairly customizable. In the advanced menu you can even get into more detailed poses.  An example with maybe 15 -20 minutes of work







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When we first started playing HERO, we played a Champions game at a local con run by Barton. He used Heroclix figures and all of his character sheets included pictures of the actual figure.


It made playing the game much easier, especially since we were new and my three kids were playing.

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I mostly use HeroClix and occasionally HorrorClix figures, along with Reaper miniatures for foes/minions. Since the Champions games I run are at conventions, players arrive and use the pre-generated characters for the scenario from the DC and Marvel Universe. At times I will also customize the figures by taking them apart and re-assembling with special modeling superglue, following by priming and then custom painting them.


Here are some villain figures I custom-created:


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Recent Development from Hero Forge (http://www.heroforge.com) This is from their Facebook feed:




The full test reads:



We're excited to announce the launch of 3D Virtual Tabletop Downloads on Hero Forge (Compatible with Berserk Games’ Tabletop Simulator)

Our 3D Tabletop Downloads are distributed in .unity3d format. This single-file format makes importing easy and provides superb faithfulness to your original design. Likewise, our 3D Tabletop Downloads are distributed via your user profile page, just like STL downloads. We offer a free pre-made sample model that is available on your Digital Downloads page.

Interested in using Hero Forge Tokens & VTT minis in your streams or shows? Reach out to Support@heroforge.com to find out more!

We hope you enjoy this latest feature on HeroForge.com!



Now this won't help a physical tabletop too much, but this will be important for those wanting to use the Hero system Module for Steam's Tabletop Simulator.


Hope this helps!


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