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Another TFOS "Weapon" -- Goopzooka

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The Goop Gun, or as I like to call it the Goopzooka is another of the silly weapons from Teenagers From Outer Space.


Its an oversized bazooka firing instant-hardening marshmallow cream filling that instantly roots you to the spot.  a basic entangle. Its the side effect I'd trying to emulate.  The Marshmallow cream sticks to you even after you are able to move again, and all positive or negative appearance bonuses are negated until you can clean up.  (Basically its like a giant, extra sticky version of getting a pie in the face) 


The entangle part is simple enough nd6 Entangle, probably with 'sticky' advantage.  and a linked slow returning small Drain on Striking Appearance and possibly PRE as well, returning 5 points/hr or until target can take time to get cleaned up)-- but what about the temporary removal of NEGATIVE appearance traits, how would HERO simulate negating a Disad with a power?

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1 hour ago, unclevlad said:

As far as cancelling out a negative appearance?  Ehhh.  If I was gonna slap it on, I'd say it's no points.  It doesn't come into play often enough to warrant any kind of cost reduction.  Personally, I'd just skip it.  



That right there.


So very much of that right there.  It's one of those "the special effects kind of make this happen, but it's just too minor to bother costing."


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