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Panda and Raccoon

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Panda and Raccoon are villains from different walks of life.  Both were born with unusual features.  Panda was a poor orphan and Raccoon was from a rich family that kept him hidden away.   They met. Fell in love,  and are married to each other. 


Both have martial arts  and I am surprised neither is hunted br Genicide (now called IHA) They both appeared in the original Enemies book and in Classic Enemies.   I also think they were in the original Island of Doctor Destroyer but I don't have that book and cannot confirm this.


In the original Enemies book. Martial arts is not detailed.   No maneuvers. Pluses or minuses for OCV or DCV.  This can be rather problematic for new GMs.  Thankfully those maneuvers were added in Classic Enemies. 


I think that they are included in a newer 6th Edition book, but don't quote me.  


Besides Martial arts they have another power which i think makes them more interesting.   Panda has Ego blast and Mental defense in a multipower.   As a GM. I would simply move them out of the multipower.   Raccoon has the power of darkness. Which affects only IR and normal vision.   He has Ultraviolet vision to see through this own darkness. 


Now Panda cannot see through Raccoon's darkness,  but she does have danger sense if that was a problem. 


Panda gets extra damage from bullets (and fears guns) I'm not sure of the reason for doing this as anyone can own a gun.  As a GM, I would probably drop the extra damage. 


I have given a few examples of how to improve Panda.   To improve Raccoon,  I would give him personal Immunity to his own darkness and increase it to include all sight.   I have also considered giving him the power to shrink to the size of a Raccoon. 


Only recently have I used Panda and Raccoon and I enjoyed it.  The married status gives them an almost unique feel.   Very few villains note that they are married to another super powered individual.  


Well that's all for now.  Thanks for reading. 

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