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First Printing of Gadgets! (HER023, 1986)?

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This is definitely not of great importance, but just in case someone has the answer: Does anyone have a copy of Gadgets! that shows a "First Printing" date - and if so, what is that date?  My own copy which I bought Way Back When shows "Second Printing September 1986", and the PDF of it that I picked up in one of the Bundles of Holding a couple years ago also shows "Second Printing".


Thanks in advance!

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My copy of Gadgets! says, "First Printing May 1986."


BTW this is still my favorite Hero publication on this particular subject. Every gadget was given a distinctive description, creative history, and well-defined SFX, making them more flavorful than later efforts.


EDIT: Once again, a Duke surpasses a Lord. :tonguewav

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Surpass my eye teeth!


I can't sleep.  I've spent the entire weekend doing an emergency re-wiring of the house, and I am too cussed old and too stove up to rewire a three-story house in two days.  I hurt too danged bad to lay down and sleep....





Does either of you fellas' copies have a barcode on the back?


Mine has a blank rectangle of familiar proportions that I have always assumed was intended to hold a bar code or library data but it just wasn't ready when the book went to bed.


I'd be curious to know if that's still the case on subsequent printings.



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I'm sorry you're going through that, Duke. My own wiring is wearing out, as is my plumbing and foundation... oh, you meant your house. Never mind. :whistle:


My copy also has a blank rectangle on the back, although that has its ISBN number written across the bottom. As I recall, in the 1980s my FLGS (each of them) would put a bar code sticker, or one of those anti-theft foil patches, on the cellophane wrapper those modules came in, and IIRC those were usually stuck over that blank patch, I guess so as not to spoil the view of the cover.

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Thanks Duke and LL!  I agree, it does seem to have sold out rather quickly - it was so long ago that I'm probably not remembering clearly, but I don't think I waited all that long after it was released before I bought it.  Duke, I will check my copy this evening after I get home and let you know if it has a barcode or blank space on the back.

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Thank you, Sir.


Much appreciated.


Honestly, i'd love to have print and reprint info for all the books, just to add them to my master work. (See signature link; go to sheet 2.  Its rough, because of time problems, but its a solid start, I think)


You know how that goes for us "frustrated librarians."  Right, LL?






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My copy has a barcode - photo attached.  Possibly they decided to add it for the second printing?


I like your spreadsheet, Duke.  I haven't been able to spend much time going through it, but I took a quick peek.  I have something vaguely similar - no promises, but when I get a little time, I'll let you know if I have any info collected that I think will help your sheet.



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