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RowdyRuff Boy


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What exactly would a stat sheet look like for a RowdyRuff Boy?


Their powers include superhuman strength that surpasses the PPGs(who are stated to lift tons & mountains with effort), speed, flight, eye lasers, energy blasts, X Ray vision & unlimited/high stamina. They also can come together to create a giant megablast with an unknown amount of attack power. Does cause flash when clashing with another light attack however. 1 member has the ability to create a lightning baseball bat & another has the ability to conjure a barrier of energy that absorbs energy.




Would refer to Powers & Abilities for a more concrete explanation. Am trying to come up with specific sheets for each of them. The blue 1 is the fastest, the green 1 is the strongest & the red 1 has the best control over his energy abilities in my campaign. 

Am very conflicted on what stats to give them.

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If this helps, one of our board colleagues, @KawangaKid, has the beginnings of a suggestion of how to write up the Powerpuff Girls on his blog, here:  http://armchairgamer.blogspot.com/2019/03/gaming-with-kid-fighting-crime-trying.html


Edit to add:  Note that Strength values for DC Heroes characters (of which the PPG writeups are) are 1/5 their HERO System values, while the other stats will approximate 1/3 of their HERO System values. 

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Those are stats from the DC Heroes game.  No applicability at all to Champions and the HERO System.  To be honest, I'm not sure what they are either.  I think that Alexander (the author of the blog post) probably meant to write a couple more posts on how to convert them.  


Let me see if I can find some rules on converting DC Heroes to Champions. 

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I haven’t seen that Powerpuff Girls episode since it came out, so probably about 20 years now, so I can’t help you on that.


i can help you on DC Heroes rules though.  The stat block in that game is organized in an interesting way.  Across the top, you’ve got Dex, Str, and Body.  These are physical stats.  In the middle going across, you’ve got Int, Will, and Mind.  These are the mental stats.  On the bottom row, you’ve got Influence, Aura, and Spirit.  These are the spiritual stats.  Physical stats are used in physical combat, mental stats are used in mental combat, spiritual stats are used in spiritual combat.


On the left column, you’ve got Dex, Int, and Influence.  These are your Acting Values, in Champions terms basically your OCV and DCV, for each form of combat.  So Dex helps you hit people and helps you dodge in physical combat, Intelligence does the same against telepaths, and Influence does it against wizards (magic is usually spiritual combat in DC Heroes).  The center column, Str, Will, and Aura, are your Effect Values.  In Champions terms it’s how many D6 of damage you’d do in that type of combat.  So Aura measures the strength of your soul’s roundhouse kick.  That’s good to know if you have to fight off a ghost or something trying to possess you.  The final column gives your Resistance Values.  Body, Mind, and Spirit act basically as defenses, as well as Hit Points/Body/Stun, for their respective levels of combat.

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Initiative determines who goes first, and HP is Hero Points.  Hero Points are unspent XP that you can instead spend to make things go your way.


Werewolf attacking you in that abandoned mansion, and you don’t have any silver?  Run to the kitchen and ask the GM “did the owners of this house leave any silverware behind?  The expensive kind made of real silver?”  And the GM thinks for a second and says “if you pay 5 Hero Points, then yes, you can find some silver steak knives in a drawer”.  Because that’s how it would work in a comic book.


Fighting in a laboratory, and this huge mutant thing is beating your face in?  He’s got you pressed against the wall and he’s choking the life out of you?  Tell the GM “I’m  flailing my arm out to the nearby shelf.  Can I grab anything, like a beaker of acid, to smash into the mutant’s face?”  The GM thinks and says “Sure, but it’ll cost you 10 Hero Points...” (or however many).


But it needs to be thematically appropriate. There probably won’t be a beaker of acid at a children’s day care, no matter how many HP you spend.


You can also use HP to boost damage, improve your chances to hit, and shrug off damage.  Managing your HP in that game can be tough, because it’s real easy to spend it all, and that’s your XP for buying up your stats and powers as well.


The Powerpuff Girls writeups there give them a 10 Str in DCH terms, which is the same as a 50 in Champions.  The guys on that website do a buttload of research, but they do try to take a minimalist approach.  DC Heroes allows for you to “push” your stats, and increase them temporarily with HP use, so that 10 Str (50 Champions) could get boosted up to an 18 or 20 (90 or 100) without too much difficulty, as long as you have HP to spare.


As I recall, their reason for stats that low is that the PPG sometimes struggle with people like Fuzzy Lumpkins or other lower-tier opposition.  They aren’t always moving mountains around.

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A rough conversion to Champions would be something like this:


Str 50

Dex 18

Con 25

Body 15

Int 20

Ego 27

Pre 23

Com 10


PD 25

ED 25

Spd 5-6

Rec 15

End 50

Stun 53


Flight 12 would give you about 20” of Flight with some Megascale as well for long distance travel (4x the speed of sound).


Invulnerability works differently in DCH, but full Damage Resistance is probably the easiest way to visualize it.


Heat Vision 10 is a 10D6 Energy Blast.


Ice Production 6 is 30 active points of whatever sort of freeze breath you want.


Shrinking is because she’s only like 2 feet tall.


Power Reserve 16 splits between Str and Body, boosting her to an 18 Str and 16 Body, but only up to the level of her strongest opponent.  In Champions terms, that’s probably +40 Str, +20 Con, and +20 PD and ED.  She gets a lot stronger, instantly, when she fights a more powerful opponent, but only up to their power level.

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If points isn't an issue, the other aspect of 'invulnerability' would be 50% or 75% damage reduction.  Most systems say, no Body, little or no Stun;  Hero's kind of the outlier there.  It's probably fine to say it's Stun Only, and if you're not using hit locations, probably even non-resistant. DR.


Alternately, you could drop the basic resistant defenses and go with damage negation;  that has a similar effect.  


Side point..SPD 5, 20" move, megascale 1" = 1 km means 20 km/phase, 100 km per turn, 500 km per minute, 30,000 kph.  It's ~ Mach 24.  It's fast enough to get anywhere on Earth in about 40 minutes, if you take the right route;  the Earth's circumference is about 25,000 miles, so no 2 points are more than 12,500 miles (20,000 km) apart.  Life gets pretty absurd when you apply Megascale to a reasonable combat flight power.  But this hopefully will assist you in figuring out what you need here.

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