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Confusion WRT what counts as base points for Range purposes

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So I am building an Images power:  Sight Group (10 points), +6 PER roll (18 points), normal hearing (3 points).  That's 31 points.  When I consider adding Increased Maximum Range, it says base max range (+0_ is 310 meters.


On p. 129 under Range, Standard Range is 10 x CP in the base power...specifically noting, don't count adders.  The +6 PER and extra sense are listed as Adders in HD.


So I looked through the rules...and ok, the PER bonus and extra sense are NOT listed in the Adders section of the power, suggesting they're considered part of the base power, and therefore yes, they help increase the range.


BUT...I can go to Clairsentience.  To start, let's go with Sight Group.  Range, 200m.  OK, add Normal Hearing, which appears to be listed as a base-power option, and is definitely not shown as an Adder.  Range...still 200m.  Further, in the Clairsentience Summary Table, Mobile Perception Point is expressly noted as an Adder, but extra sense groups are not.

So is this an HD bug, or is there something in the rules I don't get?  

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