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The Jolrhos Player's Guide

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At some point in the future, I will be releasing the equivalent of the "Player's Handbook" for my Jolrhos Fantasy Hero setting.  You know, races, house rules, combat tips, how to build a character, that kind of thing.

Initially I was thinking about doing a full writeup as if this was a separate, new game but with some of the changes in Hero policy and the work that it took to write up Western Hero which is enormously less complicated than a Fantasy Hero setting, I've decided to release just "here's what's different and how to use Fantasy Hero in this setting" and people will have to get Fantasy Hero Complete to use it properly.


Still at that I'm realizing that this is going to be a pretty enormous undertaking since the setting is quite lush and full, and it involves a lot of unique and special things to make it work.  For example, in addition to the typical set of FH talents, there are several score new ones mainly designed to equalize build of combat and stealth types with magic.  For example there are leadership talents that allow a character to buff friends or debuff enemies in combat, and stealth talents that let you move across loud or trapped areas safely, etc.


But I ran into a bit of a snag with spells.  I don't want to simply refer people to the Fantasy Codex and say "well use that" for a couple of reasons.  First, I want the Player's Guide to have enough information to get started playing without needing a buncha books.  Second, the Codex is a bit dated and I have changed a few ideas and want to streamline it slightly, and specialize it just for my fantasy setting.  So I have to write up a spell book as well as the Player Guide, but a smaller, more tight and less expensive one.  That way I have the spells designed (and written up in Hero Designer so they can be referred to as well as mathematically more precise even if I disagree with some of its calculations -- but that's another thread) for reference and ease of summarization.


I figure the Player's Guide will have the bare bones without all the Hero speech and builds, and the Spell Book gives the guts to see how it was made (so spells in the PG look more like Talents). 


But that's another book to write so... if you've been waiting for this to come out, um, its gonna probably be a couple of years.  In the interim I'll try to get out some modules and such to keep content on the shelf but this is a bit of a project.  And even if I could pay someone else to do it, its like painting a picture; I can't really have anyone else do the work.

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Well there will be templates and info on building but I also want to put in some tips like the old Goodman's Tips from Champions III, I think it was?  Basically "stuff a long-term player knows to make things work best for your build".  Also I am trying to make people used to working with class-based systems build characters easier in Hero so that its a simpler transition.  I am putting more benchmarks and "this is how good that is" stuff in (also put this in Western Hero) in addition.


The Player book will very likely be bigger than the GM book, since that will be mostly how to run games, how to do stuff in the world, insider info on how things work, advanced versions of what's in the Player book, etc.

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     I am full on using your Field Guide, Fantasy Codex and Bestiary.  My players are loving it.  We are a group of old school players (youngest player being 52) and they are very much enjoying these books.  They are delving into the detail, the imagination of the spells and has brought a further immersion into the game.  They see monsters now that they have never seen so they are using skills, asking questions and roleplaying more.  


Thank you so much.


Cannot wait for the next thing to arrive.

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I had the Bestiary in book and bought the other two in pdf, just got the other two in book form this week will probably et the Bestiary in pdf so that I can copy and past stuff in my one note campaign.  Your book are one of the reason I got back into running a Hero Fantasy game. For the last three years I had run a 5e game set in elder scrolls we had  just finished it after the group had reached 20 level and beat the main villain and returned as Hero's. I can hardly wait for you next book and looking forward to your Gm book as well. I am working on our next game we are getting ready to start our 5 session and I was looking for a different way to do something with undead when I came across your Fog Zombie in the bestiary and was inspired. Just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work it is greatly appreciated.  My hat is off to you and the other who post stuff been a long time lurker here, cant seem to find a group to play in so decided to star one myself had ran some many years ago with 4 and 5th edition.

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